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A soft twilled fabric of silk or of a blend of silk and rayon.

[French surat, after Surat.]


(Textiles) a twill-weave fabric of silk or rayon, used for dresses, blouses, etc
[C19: from the French pronunciation of Surat]


(ˈsʊər ə)

a soft, lustrous, twilled fabric of silk, wool, or synthetic fiber.
[1880–85; appar. variant of Surat]
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These councils have been formed in light of Quranic injections of Surah Al-Hujaraat where Allah Almighty has ordained as Muslims are brothers, therefore make peace between two brothers and fear Allah that the mercy may be shown to you.
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Al Quran, Surah Al Ahzab, Aayat: 56) The grandson of Hazrat Abdul-Muttalib and the son of Hazrat Abdullah and Hazrat Amina, was destined to become the greatest man ever to live on this planet and was blessed with prophet-hood by our creator when he turned 40.
Cairo, Dhu-Al-Qa'dah 1, 1435, Aug 27, 2014, SPA -- The Saudi Embassy in Cairo denied a report on an error in Mushaf (Holy Quran) Prophetic Madinah, consisting of twenty pages, by putting the movement of the aperture on the word Allah in the verse, "This is Allah's Creation," verse 11 of Surah Luqman.
The contest is organised yearly in the Kingdom of Bahrain in the field of memorisation and recitation of the Holy Quran in three categories: The winners were: 1- Category "A": from Aya 24 surah An-nisa to Aya 81 surah al-Maida - chapters 5-6 for 21-25 year olds: Ebrahim Khalifa Hamdan, Ahmed Abdulla Al-Ali and Abdullatif Abdulmajeed.
This night also has an entire Surah (chapter) dedicated to it in the Holy Quran.
Al-Sharq Wa El-Gharb, an evangelical Christian journal, responded by publishing "Surah Al-Turanin", which alleges that Shi'a deleted this Surah from the Holy Qu'ran, which was now available to Muslims, both Shi'a and Sunnis alike.