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or sure·fire (sho͝or′fīr′)
adj. Informal
Bound to be successful or perform as expected: a sure-fire solution to the problem.


(ˈʃʊərˌfaɪər, ˈʃɜr-)

adj. Informal.
sure to work.
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Tullis Health Investors looks forward to working with Surefire Medical on domestic and international commercial expansion, in particular the opportunity for Surefire in China," said John Tullis, Partner at Tullis Health Investors.
com)-- Local CPR training company, SureFire CPR, recently launched a contest aimed at recognizing local residents that go the extra mile in their California community.
SureFire LLC has donated $21,000 in operational tactical equipment to AmericanSnipers.
200 Surefire Ways to Eat Well & Feel Better provides a book that eschews the usual diet in favor of promoting healthy choices in eating and lifestyle changes, and is written by a registered dietician and nutritionist who works with a team of professionals to focus on the small steps that lead to greater changes.
Walsall Housing Group is establishing Surefire, the first time a programme has been set up with a single energy supplier, to remove the need for complex procurement.
OK, advance warning; I visited the SureFire factories a while back, and it was glorious.
Over the years, some products and product lines have moved in the direction of the recreational shooter or self-defense practitioner, but for the most part, SureFire has directed their resources and products toward the professional end user.
com) has developed a new high-performance spark plug ceramic, SureFire Plus, that allows the manufacture of spark plugs that can deliver voltages of 42 kV or more (compared with 36 kV) and have a smaller diameter, 10 mm, for example, rather than 14 mm.
Surefire is a partnership between leading affordable housing provider whg and British Gas which will deliver energy efficiency measures across whg's 18,000 homes, as well as privately owned or rented homes and commercial properties across the region.
RUTHIE FOSTER Let it Burn RUTHIE FOSTER Let it Burn A surefire winner for fans of retro Americana.
I asked what they were, and they told me they were from SureFire.
But students and educators alike acknowledge that this is not a surefire way to keep prohibited items off school grounds.