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Noun1.surgical instrument - a medical instrument used in surgerysurgical instrument - a medical instrument used in surgery
curet, curette - a surgical instrument shaped like a scoop to remove tissue from a bodily cavity
dermatome - a surgical instrument used to cut very thin slices of skin
dilater, dilator - a surgical instrument that is used to dilate or distend an opening or an organ
haemostat, hemostat - a surgical instrument that stops bleeding by clamping the blood vessel
medical instrument - instrument used in the practice of medicine
photocoagulator - surgical instrument containing a laser for use in photocoagulation
probe - a flexible slender surgical instrument with a blunt end that is used to explore wounds or body cavities
retractor - surgical instrument that holds back the edges of a surgical incision
snare - a surgical instrument consisting of wire hoop that can be drawn tight around the base of polyps or small tumors to sever them; used especially in body cavities
surgical knife - a very sharp knife used in surgery
trepan, trephine - a surgical instrument used to remove sections of bone from the skull
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Upon the floor between me and the Mahars lay a tiny surgical instrument which one of them must have dropped.
A table was now spread with phials, boxes of salve, and divers surgical instruments.
The NHRA is in the process of studying a proposal to set up a company in Bahrain specialising in surgical instrument maintenance.
Department of Health and Human Services, The Consortium of Sterile Sciences is working with medical centers across the nation to establish centers of excellence in surgical instrument processing.
Complete report on Surgical Instrument Tracking Systems Market spread across 177 Pages, Profiling 15 Companies and Supported with 38 Tables and 9 Figures is now available at http://www.
This newly formed partnership will offer customers an integrated approach to surgical instrument life-cycle management, surgical instrumentation, services, repair and replacement.
Spectrum) and Total Repair Express (TRE), leading providers of surgical instrument repair services and instrument care products to hospitals and surgery centers in the United States.
In April it took over as the New Zealand and Australian importer/distributor for Pentax LifeCare products; in May it added the surgical instrument portfolio of Codman & Shurtleff and followed that up by taking over distribution of Sony medical products in June.
is a world leader in surgical instrument production that is based in Shandong, China.
Pro-forma 2011 revenue for the acquired surgical instrument business was approximately $60 million.
Narberth PA, a surgical instrument company has been ranked as one of the of the 2010 fastest-growing, privately-held businesses in the Philadelphia region by the Philadelphia 100, Wharton Small Business Development Center, the Entrepreneurs' Forum of Greater Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Business Journal.