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adj. sur·li·er, sur·li·est
1. Sullenly ill-humored; gruff.
2. Threatening, as of weather conditions; ominous: surly clouds filled the sky.
3. Obsolete Arrogant; domineering.

[Middle English sirly, masterful, lordly, from sir, lord; see sir.]

sur′li·ly adv.
sur′li·ness n.
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Noun1.surliness - a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled angersurliness - a disposition to exhibit uncontrolled anger; "his temper was well known to all his employees"
ill nature - a disagreeable, irritable, or malevolent disposition
querulousness - the quality of being given to complaining
فَظاظَه، إكْفِهْرار المِزاج


[ˈsɜːlɪnɪs] Nhosquedad f, mal humor m


nVerdrießlichkeit f, → Missmutigkeit f


[ˈsɜːlɪnɪs] nscontrosità


(ˈsəːli) adjective
bad-tempered or rude.
ˈsurliness noun
References in classic literature ?
He came home with his manners a good deal improved; he had lost his surliness and brusqueness, and was rather pleasantly soft and smooth, now; he was furtively, and sometimes openly, ironical of speech, and given to gently touching people on the raw, but he did it with a good-natured semiconscious air that carried it off safely, and kept him from getting into trouble.
The newsmonger is of the number, but his manner is not quite hearty--there is something of surliness in his compliments.
Tom no longer wondered at the habitual surliness of his associates; nay, he found the placid, sunny temper, which had been the habitude of his life, broken in on, and sorely strained, by the inroads of the same thing.
She had been ashamed, before, merely of Billy's inhospitality, and surliness, and unfairness.
That,' returned the landlord, a little brought down from his dignity by the stranger's surliness, 'is a Maypole story, and has been any time these four-and-twenty years.
Yes, but surliness might have provoked a point-blank question.
Not just because its inventory was so vast, or because its employees earned their surliness with their vast erudition, so that you almost forgave them.
Bart was one of those old-school clerks whose connoisseurship licensed a pleasant snobbery and surliness.
Though seventy years have passed independence, the two neighbours continue to display a woeful lack of maturity in handling their bilateral relations through surliness and ill-will even when an opportunity comes for an improvement in relations.
The wife complained that the smoked salmon "wasn't cooked", and Mr Hadwin | Street where children were left in car became suspicious from some of their other gripes and surliness with staff that they were planning not to pay.
The wife complained the smoked salmon "wasn't cooked", and Mr Hadwin became suspicious from some of their other gripes and their surliness with staff that they were planning not to pay.
The conversation between Vi and Jack is very amusing as he has all the attitude and surliness of a standard teenager.