surplus income

disposable income, surplus income - Disposable income or surplus income is what you have left after taxes and other government obligations—i.e. what you have left to live on.
See also related terms for tax.
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Being a nonprofit organization, the foundation uses its surplus revenues for further to achieve its purpose or mission, rather than distributing its surplus income to the organization's share holders as profit, they added.
Any surplus income generated is used to further improve services and infrastructure for the people of Kirklees.
Therefore the country is confident of enjoying a surplus income by 2020 said the Prime Minister.
In John's case, the bankruptcy would have concluded 21 months later, since he had surplus income.
At the same time, since the autumn of 2012, Saudi Arabia had continued to accumulate surplus income and a further rise in its foreign exchange reserves.
One's intuition might be that a Christian is to devote all surplus income to charity.
The regulations associated with enforcing bus lanes are clear in that any surplus income generated from the use of enforcement cameras must be reinvested in making improvements to the highway network.
While reports suggest that average income has reached a historic high, the challenge for retailers is to convince consumers to spend their surplus income with them, amid the temptation of a post-Brexit spending paralysis.
The Finance Minister said, gradually the corporate tax would be brought down to 25 per cent so that all companies have surplus income which they can reinvest and increase economic activity and employment in the country.
He added: "Money collected from the fines covers the upkeep of the system, while all surplus income is reinvested in local transport strategy schemes.
If you have surplus income per month you could possibly gift on a regular basis under the normal expenditure ruling, as long as you can comfortably afford to maintain your current and future lifestyle.
A spokeswoman for Conwy council's environment, roads and facilities service said: "Any surplus income is used to fund wider traffic management, maintenance and sustainable transport services and projects, via the Council's overall finances.