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1. Having qualities attributed to or associated with surrealism: "Even with most facilities shut down ... a few mavericks managed to slip into the park to sample the almost surreal emptiness before the shutdown ended." (Peter H. King).
2. Having an oddly dreamlike quality.

[Back-formation from surrealism.]

sur′re·al′i·ty (-ăl′ĭ-tē) n.
sur·re′al·ly adv.


in a surreal manner
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For all God's reason we are surreally here, we are grateful.
Brian Kidd surreally suggested John Hartson, but Ferguson plumped for PS12.
What happened on October 10 is that the US men's team was knocked out of World Cup qualifying thanks to an almost surreally meek performance against Trinidad and Tobago, previously the worst team in the CONCACAF conference for teams from North and Central America and the Caribbean.
Sometimes on her walks she surreally meets her ten-year-old self and other times, her 23-year-old self.
Though the film's story may appear too distant and unreal for today, the core idea has been surreally recurring throughout ages.
Worth getting just for the cover picture of yer man with a goat, but his tweets - which are all genuine - are weirdly, surreally funny.
And at Jade Signature in Sunny Isles, he's working with previous collaborators Herzog & de Meuron--Jungles also collaborated with the Swiss firm on the famed 1111 Lincoln Road parking garage--creating a surreally sylvan setting for a winding, Jetsons-esque driveway.
When I first saw this particular cover, with its black background, stark white typography, and surreally floating sculptured bust, the imagerycombined with the book's Central European provenance, gloomy title, and Jewish focusmade me think that this would be a brooding modernist enigma of a book, perhaps along the lines of Imre Kertesz's Holocaust fictions.
Among the guest animators here are the legendary Bill Plympton, whose playful colored-pencil drawings illustrate Gibran's thoughts on eating and drinking; Nina Paley, who uses her elegant, collage-like designs to tackle the section on children; Oscar nominee Tomm Moore, who brings a smooth, elegant vitality to the Prophet's ruminations on love; while the surreally swirling paintings of Joan Gratz animate the section on work.
Surreally sandy Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is another must-see, as is the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport.
But at the peak of their powers they really were as subversive as The KLF, or as melodic as The Beach Boys - or yes, as surreally imaginative as The Beatles.