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(ˈsɜːtuː; French syrtu)
(Clothing & Fashion) a man's overcoat resembling a frock coat, popular in the late 19th century
[C17: from French, from sur over + tout all]


(sərˈtu, -ˈtut)

a man's close-fitting overcoat, esp. a frock coat.
[1680–90; < French: literally, over all]
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Noun1.surtout - a man's overcoat in the style of a frock coat
greatcoat, overcoat, topcoat - a heavy coat worn over clothes in winter
References in classic literature ?
The visitor was about fifty-two years of age, dressed in one of the green surtouts, ornamented with black frogs, which have so long maintained their popularity all over Europe.
Brocklehurst, buttoned up in a surtout, and looking longer, narrower, and more rigid than ever.
I went in, and found there a stoutish, middle-aged person, in a brown surtout and black tights and shoes, with no more hair upon his head (which was a large one, and very shining) than there is upon an egg, and with a very extensive face, which he turned full upon me.
She wore a beaver had with blue feathers, a surtout of gray-pearl velvet, fastened with diamond clasps, and a petticoat of blue satin, embroidered with silver.
John Brown, buttoning his surtout over the snug rotundity of his person, and drawing on his gloves.
The evening being warm, I had undressed me and put on a thin camlet surtout over my waistcoat.
I thank you," returned the youth, turning on her an eye of the most open affection; "I do feel unusually cold, and begin to think, that with my weak lungs it would have been more prudent to have taken a surtout.