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sur·vey  (sr-v, sûrv)
v. sur·veyed, sur·vey·ing, sur·veys
1. To examine or look at comprehensively.
2. To inspect carefully; scrutinize: "Two women were surveying the other people on the platform" (Thomas Wolfe). See Synonyms at see1.
3. To determine the boundaries, area, or elevations of (land or structures on the earth's surface) by means of measuring angles and distances, using the techniques of geometry and trigonometry.
4. Chiefly British To inspect and determine the structural condition of (a building).
5. To conduct a statistical survey on.
6. To range one's gaze leisurely over.
To make a survey.
n. (sûrv)pl. sur·veys
1. A detailed inspection or investigation.
2. A general or comprehensive view.
3. A gathering of a sample of data or opinions considered to be representative of a whole.
a. The process of surveying.
b. A report on or map of what has been surveyed.
c. An administrative agency charged with the responsibility of surveying: the U.S. Geological Survey.

[Middle English surveien, from Old French surveeir, from Medieval Latin supervidre : Latin super-, super- + Latin vidre, to look; see weid- in Indo-European roots.]

sur·veyor n.

1. (tr) to view or consider in a comprehensive or general way: to survey the situation.
2. (tr) to examine carefully, as or as if to appraise value: to survey oneself in a mirror.
3. (Surveying) to plot a detailed map of (an area of land) by measuring or calculating distances and height
4. (Surveying) Brit to inspect a building to determine its condition and value
5. (Surveying) to examine a vessel thoroughly in order to determine its seaworthiness
6. (Statistics) (tr) to run a statistical survey on (incomes, opinions, etc)
7. a comprehensive or general view: a survey of English literature.
8. a critical, detailed, and formal inspection: a survey of the nation's hospitals.
9. (Surveying) Brit an inspection of a building to determine its condition and value
10. (Surveying) a report incorporating the results of such an inspection
11. (Surveying)
a. a body of surveyors
b. an area surveyed
12. (Statistics) statistics a random sample
[C15: from French surveoir, from sur-1 + veoir to see, from Latin vidēre]
surˈveyable adj
sur•vey (v. sərˈveɪ; n. ˈsɜr veɪ, sərˈveɪ)

1. to view, consider, or study in a general or comprehensive way: to survey a situation.
2. to view in detail, esp. to inspect, examine, or appraise in order to ascertain condition, value, etc.
3. to conduct a survey of or among: to survey TV viewers.
4. to determine the exact dimensions and position of (a tract of land) by measurements and the application of geometric and trigonometric principles.
5. to survey land; practice surveying.
6. a general or comprehensive view, description, course of study, etc.: a survey of Italian painting.
7. a sampling, or partial collection, of facts, figures, or opinions taken and used to indicate what a complete collection and analysis might reveal.
8. a detailed formal or official examination, as to ascertain condition, character, etc.
a. the act of surveying a tract of land.
b. a plan or description resulting from this.
c. an agency that makes such determinations: U.S. Geological Survey.
[1425–75; < Anglo-French surveier, Middle French surv(e)ier, surveoir to oversee = sur- sur- + veier < Latin vidēre to see]
sur•vey′a•ble, adj.

The directed effort to determine the location and the nature of a chemical, biological, and radiological hazard in an area.
Past participle: surveyed
Gerund: surveying

I survey
you survey
he/she/it surveys
we survey
you survey
they survey
I surveyed
you surveyed
he/she/it surveyed
we surveyed
you surveyed
they surveyed
Present Continuous
I am surveying
you are surveying
he/she/it is surveying
we are surveying
you are surveying
they are surveying
Present Perfect
I have surveyed
you have surveyed
he/she/it has surveyed
we have surveyed
you have surveyed
they have surveyed
Past Continuous
I was surveying
you were surveying
he/she/it was surveying
we were surveying
you were surveying
they were surveying
Past Perfect
I had surveyed
you had surveyed
he/she/it had surveyed
we had surveyed
you had surveyed
they had surveyed
I will survey
you will survey
he/she/it will survey
we will survey
you will survey
they will survey
Future Perfect
I will have surveyed
you will have surveyed
he/she/it will have surveyed
we will have surveyed
you will have surveyed
they will have surveyed
Future Continuous
I will be surveying
you will be surveying
he/she/it will be surveying
we will be surveying
you will be surveying
they will be surveying
Present Perfect Continuous
I have been surveying
you have been surveying
he/she/it has been surveying
we have been surveying
you have been surveying
they have been surveying
Future Perfect Continuous
I will have been surveying
you will have been surveying
he/she/it will have been surveying
we will have been surveying
you will have been surveying
they will have been surveying
Past Perfect Continuous
I had been surveying
you had been surveying
he/she/it had been surveying
we had been surveying
you had been surveying
they had been surveying
I would survey
you would survey
he/she/it would survey
we would survey
you would survey
they would survey
Past Conditional
I would have surveyed
you would have surveyed
he/she/it would have surveyed
we would have surveyed
you would have surveyed
they would have surveyed
Thesaurus Legend:  Synonyms Related Words Antonyms
Noun1.survey - a detailed critical inspectionsurvey - a detailed critical inspection      
examination, scrutiny - the act of examining something closely (as for mistakes)
resurvey - a new survey or study
2.survey - short descriptive summary (of events)survey - short descriptive summary (of events)
sum-up, summary - a brief statement that presents the main points in a concise form; "he gave a summary of the conclusions"
3.survey - the act of looking or seeing or observingsurvey - the act of looking or seeing or observing; "he tried to get a better view of it"; "his survey of the battlefield was limited"
looking, looking at, look - the act of directing the eyes toward something and perceiving it visually; "he went out to have a look"; "his look was fixed on her eyes"; "he gave it a good looking at"; "his camera does his looking for him"
eyeful - a full view; a good look; "they wanted to see violence and they got an eyeful"
Verb1.survey - consider in a comprehensive waysurvey - consider in a comprehensive way; "He appraised the situation carefully before acting"
analyse, analyze, examine, study, canvass, canvas - consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning; "analyze a sonnet by Shakespeare"; "analyze the evidence in a criminal trial"; "analyze your real motives"
2.survey - look over carefully or inspect; "He surveyed his new classmates"
examine, see - observe, check out, and look over carefully or inspect; "The customs agent examined the baggage"; "I must see your passport before you can enter the country"
overlook - watch over; "I am overlooking her work"
3.survey - keep under surveillance; "The police had been following him for weeks but they could not prove his involvement in the bombing"
pursue, follow - follow in or as if in pursuit; "The police car pursued the suspected attacker"; "Her bad deed followed her and haunted her dreams all her life"
4.survey - hold a review (of troops)
inspect - look over carefully; "Please inspect your father's will carefully"
5.survey - make a survey of; for statistical purposes
analyse, analyze, examine, study, canvass, canvas - consider in detail and subject to an analysis in order to discover essential features or meaning; "analyze a sonnet by Shakespeare"; "analyze the evidence in a criminal trial"; "analyze your real motives"
canvass, poll, canvas - get the opinions (of people) by asking specific questions
6.survey - plot a map of (land)
compute, calculate, cipher, cypher, figure, reckon, work out - make a mathematical calculation or computation
triangulate - survey by triangulation; "The land surveyor worked by triangulating the plot"

1. poll, study, research, review, inquiry, investigation, sampling, opinion poll, questionnaire, census According to the survey, overall world trade has also slackened.
2. examination, inspection, scrutiny, overview, once-over (informal), perusal He sniffed the perfume she wore, then gave her a quick survey.
3. valuation, pricing, estimate, assessment, appraisal a structural survey undertaken by a qualified surveyor
1. interview, question, poll, study, research, investigate, sample, canvass, cross-examine Only 18 percent of those surveyed opposed the idea.
2. look over, view, scan, examine, observe, contemplate, supervise, inspect, eyeball (slang), scrutinize, size up, take stock of, eye up, recce (slang), reconnoitre He pushed himself to his feet and surveyed the room.
3. measure, estimate, prospect, assess, appraise, triangulate Geological experts were commissioned to survey the land.
survey [ˈsɜːveɪ]
A. N
1. (= study) → estudio m
to make a survey of housing in a townestudiar la situación de la vivienda en una ciudad
2. (= poll) → encuesta f
to carry out or conduct a surveyrealizar una encuesta
they did a survey of a thousand studentshicieron una encuesta a mil estudiantes
3. (esp Brit) [of land] → inspección f, reconocimiento m; (in topography) → medición f; [of building, property] → tasación f, peritaje m; (= report to purchaser) → informe m de tasación, informe m de peritaje
to have a survey done (of property) → mandar hacer una tasación
4. (= general view) → visión f global, vista f de conjunto
he gave a general survey of the situationdio una visión global or de conjunto de la situación
B. [sɜːˈveɪ] VT
1. (= contemplate) → contemplar, mirar
he surveyed the desolate scenemiró detenidamente la triste escena
he was master of all he surveyedera dueño de todo cuanto alcanzaba a dominar con la vista
2. (= study) → estudiar, hacer un estudio de
the report surveys housing in Glasgowel informe estudia la situación de la vivienda en Glasgow
3. (= poll) [+ person, group] → encuestar; [+ town] → hacer una encuesta en, pulsar la opinión de; [+ reactions] → sondear
95% of those surveyed believed thatel 95% de los encuestados creía que ...
4. (= inspect) [+ building] → inspeccionar; [+ land] → hacer un reconocimiento de; (in topography) → medir; (= map) [+ town] → levantar el plano de
5. (= take general view of) → pasar revista a
the book surveys events up to 1972el libro pasa revista a los sucesos acaecidos hasta 1972

survey [ˈsɜːrveɪ]
(= study) → enquête f, étude f; [public opinion] → enquête f
[land] → levé m
(mainly British) [house] → inspection f, rapport m d'expertise, expertise f
(= overview) [situation] → vue f d'ensemble
[sərˈveɪ] vt
(= investigate opinions of) [+ people] → mener une enquête parmi; [+ company, organization] → mener une enquête dans
(= look carefully at) [+ room, damage, picture] → inspecter
(= study and describe) [+ situation, trends, problems] → passer en revue
[+ land] → faire le levé de
(mainly British) [+ building, house] → expertiser, inspecter

(Surv, of land, coast) → Vermessung f; (= report)(Vermessungs)gutachten nt; (of house)Begutachtung f; (= report)Gutachten nt; they are doing a survey for a new motorwaysie führen Vermessungsarbeiten für eine neue Autobahn durch; to have a survey done on a houseein Gutachten über ein Haus erstellen lassen
(= inquiry)Untersuchung f (→ of, on über +acc); (by opinion poll, market research etc) → Umfrage f (→ of, on über +acc)
(= comprehensive look, review, of surroundings, countryside) → Musterung f (→ of +gen), → Überblick m (→ of über +acc); (of subject, recent development)Überblick m
(= look at) countryside, person, prospects, plansbetrachten, sich (dat)ansehen; (esp appraisingly) → begutachten; person, goodsmustern; to survey the situation (lit, fig)die Lage peilen; he is monarch of all he surveyser beherrscht das Land, soweit er blicken kann
(= study) prospects, developmentsuntersuchen; institutionseiner Prüfung (gen)unterziehen; (= take general view of) events, trendseinen Überblick geben über (+acc)
(Surv) site, landvermessen; buildinginspizieren

survey [ɐn ˈsɜːveɪ; ɐvb sɜːˈveɪ]
1. n
a. (comprehensive view, of situation, developments) → quadro generale
b. (inquiry, study) → indagine f, studio
a survey of public opinion → un sondaggio d'opinione
to carry out a survey of → fare un'indagine di
c. (Surveying) (of building) → perizia; (of land) → rilevamento; (of country) → rilevamento topografico
2. vt
a. (look at) → guardare; (prospects, trends) → passare in rassegna
b. (examine) → studiare, esaminare
the book surveys events up to 1992 → il libro esamina gli eventi fino al 1992
c. (Surveying) (building) → fare una perizia di; (land) → fare il rilevamento di; (country) → fare il rilevamento topografico di

survey (səˈvei) verb
1. to look at, or view, in a general way. He surveyed his neat garden with satisfaction.
2. to examine carefully or in detail.
3. to measure, and estimate the position, shape etc of (a piece of land etc). They have started to survey the piece of land that the new motorway will pass through.
4. to make a formal or official inspection of (a house etc that is being offered for sale).
(ˈsəːvei) noun
1. a look or examination; a report. After a brief survey of the damage he telephoned the police; He has written a survey of crime in big cities.
2. a careful measurement of land etc.
surˈveyor noun
a person whose job is to survey buildings or land.

survey اِسْتِعْراض průzkum rundspørge Umfrage έρευνα inspección tutkimus enquête pregled sondaggio 調査 조사 onderzoek spørreundersøkelse badanie estudo , pesquisa опрос undersökning การสำรวจ inceleme cuộc điều tra 勘测

n.  encuesta; cuestionario.

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It gives, in some particulars, a survey of nearly the whole field of African discovery, and in this way will often serve to refresh the memory of the reader.
Any one who cares to do so might test the validity of those rules in the nearest possible way, by applying them to the varied examples in this wide [6] survey of what has been actually well done in English prose, here exhibited on the side of their strictly prosaic merit--their conformity, before all other aims, to laws of a structure primarily reasonable.
As the manager of the Performance sits before the curtain on the boards and looks into the Fair, a feeling of profound melancholy comes over him in his survey of the bustling place.
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