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1. Capable of surviving: survivable organisms in a hostile environment.
2. Capable of being survived; not fatal: a survivable illness.

sur·viv′a·bil′i·ty n.


Concept which includes all aspects of protecting personnel, weapons, and supplies while simultaneously deceiving the enemy. Survivability tactics include building a good defense; employing frequent movement; using concealment, deception, and camouflage; and constructing fighting and protective positions for both individuals and equipment.
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ARTEC's Managing Director, Stefan Lischka will give an overview about the survivability approach within ARTEC.
Textron Systems Electronic Systems has launched its newest member of aircraft survivability equipment (ASE), the integrated tester for aircraft survivability systems (ITASS), the company said.
The Eagle Passive Active Warning Survivability System offers advanced electronic warfare technology to the U.
The rest of this paper is organized as follows: Section 2 reviews previous work on the network survivability test methods and metric.
Military vehicle seats that enhance survivability are quickly becoming a more prominent option for vehicles that don't have add-on armor or up-armored protection.
The company will develop, design and produce 468 Seat Survivability Upgrade (SSU) kits for the MRAP vehicles.
The acquired businesses expand Safariland's offering to its military and public safety clients, strengthening its strategic commitment to the safety and survivability product area, the buyer's president, Scott O'Brien, said.
Danny Deep, VP of GD Land Systems--Canada explained, "The LAV III Upgrade Project will enhance the fleet's survivability, operational capability and long-term performance.
28 February 2011 -- S&P today terminated its A+ bank survivability assessments on six Japanese lenders citing changes to its rating process.
As part of the relationship, Anjani would manufacture protective equipment using Tensylon, a versatile, high performance polyethylene ballistic material exclusively developed by BAE Systems to make survivability products, such as body armour and vehicle armour, even lighter and stronger.
The CSOG charter established its mission to ensure that equipment survivability in a nuclear weapons effects environment, including EMP, is addressed specifically by requirements during the acquisition process.
With the increased demand for large scale, distributed IP Telephony enterprise networks, survivability becomes a key feature for IP telephony vendors, systems integrators and end customers.

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