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1. Receptive.
2. Susceptible.

sus·cep′tive·ness, sus·cep′tiv′i·ty n.


1. another word for receptive
2. a variant of susceptible
susceptivity, susˈceptiveness n


(rɪˈsɛp tɪv)

1. having the quality of receiving, taking in, or admitting.
2. able or quick to receive knowledge, ideas, etc.
3. willing or inclined to receive suggestions, offers, etc.
4. of or pertaining to reception or receptors: a receptive end organ.
5. of or pertaining to the language skills of listening and reading.
re•cep′tive•ly, adv.
re•cep•tiv•i•ty (ˌri sɛpˈtɪv ɪ ti) re•cep′tive•ness, n.
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1. Able to receive and respond to external stimuli:
2. Tending to incur:
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She stressed that the move to establish the center and others in the region is an effort aimed at addressing structural deficiencies, that were discovered to have left the sub-region susceptive to emerging threats, according to the Vice president, if not detected early enough could further plunge the region into crisis.
In the subsequent years, several researchers, however, demonstrated that Das's scheme is still susceptive to some attacks.
e] in the samples characterized as susceptive to glyphosate and those characterized as resistant, indicating a deficit of heterozygosity in all of the samples of C.
Communications that failed to encode the message to meet alumni expectations were more susceptive to noise interference and prevented the message from reaching the receiver (Berlo, 1963; Communication Theory, 2010; Petty & Cacioppo, 1986).
Adolescents, as well as other subgroups under 18 years of age, are very susceptive to UV rays regardless of the source of emission (sunlight or sunbed) [4-7].
Together with the sub-tropical monsoon climate, the upland farming makes Fujian's farmland highly susceptive to soil erosion.
If the children's doings (it might help to rephrase the issue at this point) are always already predetermined by the parents, if the children enact the rules and norms taught by their parents and hence perpetuate their parents' violence, if, in brief, the children are inevitably haunted by their parents' guilt, what, then, should prompt us, Haneke's viewers, to expect that we might escape from the orbit of guilt into which we are drawn as we follow and observe his filmic spectacle, susceptive to spectatorial identification and vulnerable to moral complicity?
However, CMOS is susceptive to total ionizing dose (TID) and single-event effects (SEE).
This condition, along with the underlying dysfunctional immune response of the patient makes the skin lesions susceptive to Staphylococcus aureus infection [11].
The semilog linear model (equation 1) appeared to be susceptive to influence by small numbers of hospitalizations.