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1. One, such as a hook, that suspends something else.
a. An often elastic strap worn over the shoulder, usually in pairs, to hold up a pair of pants.
b. suspenders A pair of such straps.
3. Chiefly British A garter.
حمالة البَنْطَلونحَمَّالَةُ البَنْطَلُونحَمّالَة البَنْطَلونحَمّالَة الجَوارِب
dây đeo quầndây nịt móc bít tất


[səˈspɛndəz] npl (Brit) → giarrettiere fpl (Am) (braces) → bretelle fpl


(səˈspend) verb
1. to hang. The meat was suspended from a hook.
2. to keep from falling or sinking. Particles of dust are suspended in the air.
3. to stop or discontinue temporarily. All business will be suspended until after the funeral.
4. to prevent (a person) temporarily from continuing his (professional) activities or having his usual privileges. Two footballers were suspended after yesterday's match.
suspended ˈsentence noun
a prison sentence that will take effect only if the criminal commits a (similar) crime again.
suˈspenders noun plural
1. a pair, or set, of elastic straps for holding up socks or stockings.
2. (American) braces for holding up trousers.
suˈspense (-s) noun
a state of uncertainty and anxiety. We waited in suspense for the result of the competition.
suˈspension (-ʃən) noun
1. the act of suspending.
2. in a motor vehicle etc, the system of springs etc supporting the frame on the axles.
3. a liquid with solid particles that do not sink.
suspension bridge
a type of bridge that has its roadway suspended from cables supported by towers.


حمالة البَنْطَلون, حَمَّالَةُ البَنْطَلُون podvazky, šle seler Hosenträger, Strumpfhalter τιράντες aparatos dentales, liguero, tirantes henkselit, sukkanauhat bretelles, porte-jarretelles halteri, naramenice bretelle, giarrettiere ズボン吊り, 靴下留め 멜빵 bretels bukseseler szelki suspensórios подвязки, подтяжки strumpeband, tandställning สายโยงกางเกง, สายดึงถุงเท้าหรือถุงน่อง jartiyer, pantolon askısı dây đeo quần, dây nịt móc bít tất 吊带
References in classic literature ?
They sat about the house most of the day as if it were Sunday; greasing their boots, mending their suspenders, plaiting whiplashes.
I shall never forget the evening he brought home his street pedler's outfit of shoe-laces and suspenders, nor the time I went into the little corner grocery to make some purchase and had him wait on me.
I stick the books inside my shirt, in front, under the suspenders.
Zeena, apparently accepting this as final, lay watching him in silence while he pulled his suspenders over his shoulders and jerked his arms into his coat; but as he went toward the door she said, suddenly and incisively: "I guess you're always late, now you shave every morning.
The noise was, at length, very effectually silenced by Jupiter, who, getting out of the hole with a dogged air of deliberation, tied the brute's mouth up with one of his suspenders, and then returned, with a grave chuckle, to his task.
It was for sale as were also the coat hang- ers, patent suspender buttons, cans of roof paint, bottles of rheumatism cure, and a substitute for cof- fee that companioned the honey in its patient will- ingness to serve the public.
His hat was a vast ruin with a wide crescent lopped out of its brim; his coat, when he wore one, hung nearly to his heels and had the rearward buttons far down the back; but one suspender supported his trousers; the seat of the trousers bagged low and con- tained nothing, the fringed legs dragged in the dirt when not rolled up.
Much like her predecessors, the new Doctor seems to love long coats and suspenders.
Here she's a female Jason Bourne in killer heels, suspenders and sunglasses, with an the inventive use for a rubber hose.
My hips and tush do not keep my belt from falling and there are no suspenders to keep them from falling, belt and all.
A rural Minnesota man wasn't happy with the fit of his suspenders, or with the metal clips that seemed to always unclip at the most unhandy times.