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tr.v. sus·tained, sus·tain·ing, sus·tains
a. To keep in existence; maintain, continue, or prolong: sustain an effort.
b. To keep up (a joke or assumed role, for example) competently.
a. To supply with necessities or nourishment; provide for: the income needed to sustain a family.
b. To support the spirits, vitality, or resolution of; encourage: We were sustained by her unflagging optimism.
3. To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop: The beams sustain the weight of the roof.
a. To bear up under; withstand: can't sustain the blistering heat.
b. To experience or suffer: sustained minor injuries.
5. To affirm the validity of: The judge has sustained the prosecutor's objection.
A capacity of a musical instrument to continue the resounding of a note or tone.

[Middle English sustenen, from Old French sustenir, from Latin sustinēre : sub-, from below; see sub- + tenēre, to hold; see ten- in Indo-European roots.]

sus·tain′er n.
sus·tain′ment n.


(Astronautics) a rocket engine that maintains the velocity of a space vehicle after the booster has been jettisoned
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Noun1.sustainer - someone who upholds or maintainssustainer - someone who upholds or maintains; "firm upholders of tradition"; "they are sustainers of the idea of democracy"
admirer, booster, protagonist, supporter, champion, friend - a person who backs a politician or a team etc.; "all their supporters came out for the game"; "they are friends of the library"
moteur de croisière
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Merlino hopes the tactic will increase sustainer member presence above the 20 percent level most public media donor files contain.
Sophisticated new reporting abilities, including Sustainer Development and Retention Reports
Almighty Allah says in the Quran: "Allah -- there is no deity except Him, the Ever-Living, the Sustainer of (all) existence.
The mission of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) was to restore the worship of the One True God, the creator and sustainer of the universe, as taught by Prophet Ibrahim and all Prophets of God, and to demonstrate and complete the laws of moral, ethical, legal, and social conduct and all other matters of significance for the humanity at large.
com)-- The Junior League of Raleigh, a nonprofit organization focused on training women as community leaders and volunteers, is proud to announce that two of its members have received top 2014 Sustainer Awards for community service and fundraising efforts.
Prominent among the well-wishers is a young Emirati vocalist, Ebrahim Al Obaidli, who chants: "0 Almighty Allah, Lord and Sustainer of mankind, remove Shaikh Khalifa's difficulty and cure him.
When it comes to angering human beings as compared to the anger of The Creator, Cherisher, Provider, Sustainer and Lord of the Universe, who has more priority?
Among the Hopi, the Lakone Dance (among several other dances) celebrated the female as the great sustainer of village life, and as someone who was intimately tied to the ceremonial life of the Hopi villages.
vigilant and the sustainer, the defender and the giver of warmth, share
Christian faith is Christcentred because it affirms that in the life, teachings, suffering, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus we meet the creator, sustainer and redeemer of all things.
Rafale is available with the Sagem Hammer (highly agile modular munition extended range) weapon family, which can use its rocket sustainer to attain a standoff range up to 60 km (35 mi.
2001) believed that the existence of God as creator and sustainer of the universe could be demonstrated by pure philosophical argument, without any recourse to faith.

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