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 (so͞o′sə-rā′shən) also su·sur·rus (so͝o-sûr′əs, -sŭr′-)
A soft, whispering or rustling sound; a murmur.

[Middle English susurracioun, from Late Latin susurrātiō, susurrātiōn-, from Latin susurrātus, past participle of susurrāre, to whisper, from susurrus, whisper, ultimately of imitative origin.]

su·sur′rant (so͝o-sûr′ənt, -sŭr′-), su·sur′rous (-sûr′əs, -sŭr′-) adj.


characterized by whispering


(sʊˈsɜr əs)

full of whispering or rustling sounds.
su•sur•ra′tion, n.
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Adj.1.susurrous - characterized by soft sounds; "a murmurous brook"; "a soughing wind in the pines"; "a slow sad susurrous rustle like the wind fingering the pines"- R.P.Warren
soft - (of sound) relatively low in volume; "soft voices"; "soft music"
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Pope's innovation is in her language--kinetic, hyper-alliterative, here mild and susurrous, there blazing with pith and zip--and the intelligence with which she portrays genuine hurt:
As with numerous Furui short stories, then, the protagonist of "Tani" is in the mountains, deep in the embrace of isolated valleys, susurrous streams, and soughing boughs of an endless forest beaten by a cold autumn rain.