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tr.v. swad·dled, swad·dling, swad·dles
1. To wrap, as in cloth: He stood on the sidewalk, swaddled in a blanket.
2. To wrap (a baby) in swaddling clothes.
3. To wrap or bind in bandages; swathe.
A band or cloth used for swaddling.

[Middle English swadlen, probably back-formation from swadling (band), swaddling (cloth), or swathelbonde, both from *swathelen, probably frequentative of Old English swathian, to swathe.]
References in classic literature ?
For what greater nonsense can there be in connection with what we are now discussing than for an infant to appear in swaddling clothes in the first scene of the first act, and in the second a grown-up bearded man?
A very young brother of his, who was in swaddling clothes, was still alive and crying abandoned in his cradle.
George had taken it firmly, and held it away from him, and had begun to unravel it as if he were taking the swaddling clothes off a new-born infant; and, before he had unwound a dozen yards, the thing was more like a badly-made door-mat than anything else.
I have seen a better soldier with pap for food and swaddling clothes for harness.
Thither came Earth carrying him swiftly through the black night to Lyctus first, and took him in her arms and hid him in a remote cave beneath the secret places of the holy earth on thick-wooded Mount Aegeum; but to the mightily ruling son of Heaven, the earlier king of the gods, she gave a great stone wrapped in swaddling clothes.
And Lizaveta Petrovna, with one hand supporting the wobbling head, lifted up on the other arm the strange, limp, red creature, whose head was lost in its swaddling clothes.
The Company currently sells proprietary products in a number of different product categories under the core brand names of Summer Infant, Born Free, and Kiddopotamus including nursery audio/video monitors, safety gates, durable bath products, bed rails, nursery products, booster and potty seats, swaddling blankets, bouncers, travel accessories, highchairs, swings, nursery furniture, infant feeding products, and toys.
Swaddling is a safe way for your baby to sleep and has been shown to reduce the risk of SIDS.
NICE FOR NEWBORNS HIPPYCHICK GIFT SETS THESE beautifully boxed pink or blue newborn gift sets include either a soft fleece blanket, snuggly comforter and pair of soft leather baby shoes, or alternatively a bandana bib, muslin swaddling wrap, and pair of leather shoes.
All 12 incidents involving swaddling in ordinary blankets resulted in death.
A Your mum is right in saying that swaddling has been used for hundreds of years to make a new baby feel secure and cuddled.
Baby massage is an alternative to the restrictive practice of swaddling and can help to calm babies.