swallow down

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w>swallow down

References in classic literature ?
But we will swallow down Egypt in a brace of shakes, just as we swallowed Italy, and private soldiers shall be princes, and shall have broad lands of their own.
I'm fortunate enough to live on a hill and I have to admit more than once having to swallow down the lump in my throat as the stricken people of Somerset and other flooded locations witness their worldly possessions float away on a wave of unforgiving river water.
One major problem is that instead of using just-as-effective circle hooks, which undersized fish don't swallow down to their gut and which consequently allow for their live release, many commercial fishermen are using old-fashioned, clam-baited j-hooks, which kill gut-hooked fish when visceral organs are pulled.
You may swallow down what's solid but you must spit out the air," he was talking about eating 'popovers'.
It may have been easier to swallow down a few pills instead of getting up every day at 7 am to make juices and take enemas.