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v. swung, swing•ing, v.t.
1. to cause to move to and fro or oscillate, as something suspended from above.
2. to cause to move or turn in alternate directions or in either direction on a fixed point or axis, as a door on hinges.
3. to move (the hand or something held) with an oscillating or rotary movement.
4. to cause to move in a curve: I swung the car into the driveway.
5. to suspend so as to hang freely, as a hammock.
6. Informal. to sway, influence, or manage as desired: to swing a business deal.
7. to change or shift (one's interest, opinion, support, etc.).
8. to play (a piece of music) in the style of swing.
9. to pull or turn (the propeller of an aircraft) by hand, esp. in order to start the engine.
10. to move or sway to and fro, as a pendulum or other suspended object.
11. to move to and fro in a swing.
12. to move or turn in alternate directions or in either direction on a fixed point or axis.
13. to move in a curve, as around a corner.
14. to move with a free, swaying motion.
15. to be suspended so as to hang freely, as a hammock.
16. to move by grasping a support with the hands and drawing up the arms.
17. to change or shift one's attention, interest, opinion, etc.
18. to hit at with the hand or something grasped in the hand.
19. Slang.
a. to be lively, fashionable, or trendy.
b. to engage uninhibitedly in sexual activities.
c. (esp. of married couples) to exchange partners for sexual activities.
20. Informal. to die by hanging.
21. the act or manner of swinging.
22. the amount or extent of such movement.
23. a curving movement or course.
24. a moving of the body with a free, swaying motion.
25. a blow or stroke with the hand or an object grasped in the hands.
26. a change or shift in attitude, opinion, behavior, etc.
27. a steady, marked rhythm or movement, as of verse.
28. a regular upward or downward movement in the price of a security or in any business activity.
29. freedom of action.
30. active operation; progression: to get into the swing of things.
31. something that is swung or that swings.
32. a seat suspended from above by means of a loop of rope or between ropes or rods, on which one may sit and swing to and fro for recreation.
33. a style of jazz often played by a large dance band and marked by a smooth beat and flowing phrasing.
34. capable of determining the outcome, as of an election: the swing vote.
in full swing, operating at normal capacity; in full operation.
[before 900; Middle English (v.), Old English swingan, c. Old High German swingan]
References in classic literature ?
The branches on which I was suspended over the yawning chasm swang to and fro in the air, and I expected them every moment to snap in twain.
Moti Guj swang him up, and the two went to the coffe-clearing to look for difficult stumps.
High above his head, the slender mast, with its Marconi attachment, swang and dived, reached out for the stars, and fell away with a shudder.
The gang-plank was hauled in, and the Aurora swang out from the bank.
But it was now or never; and just as they swang the yard, I cried out: "Take that
Cardiffresponded almost immediately as a corner was swang in for aldridge to slam home and give Cardiffa chance to get back into the game.
Tenders are invited for Repair And Maintenance Of Colony Road Near Type Ii And Type Iii Quarters At Swang Colliery
Teen die einde van die 1990's was die Waarheids- en Versoeningskommissie se sittings in volle swang.
The Islamic leader, who spoke in the presence of the Sudanese president Omer Hassan al-Bashir, seemed tolerant towards the regime and said the country swang between military and democratic regimes because people usually seek to achieve stability in the military rule however they uprise against it after a while.
That swing, swang and twang is pulled from the musical roots of such bands as Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and the Tune Wranglers.
Several top officers including North Chotanagpur IGP Laxman Singh, Bokaro DCP Uma Shankar Singh and SP Jitendra Singh, visited Swang Gulgulia Dhoura village -- around 65 km from Bokaro -- to meet the victim.