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1. Stylishness or elegance.
2. Swagger or pretension.
adj. swank·er, swank·est
intr.v. swanked, swank·ing, swanks
To move or act ostentatiously or pretentiously; swagger.

[Perhaps akin to Middle High German swanken, to swing.]


an ostentatious person
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We engaged PlanSource with some very specific objectives in mind," said Chris Swanker, Guardian vice president of Worksite and Specialty Markets for Guardian.
Continued Swanker, "The reception from both our brokers and their employer customers was overwhelmingly positive.
In the list of names, number two is J Barclay Peat, and number four is J E Swanker, an American.
Current group dental vice president JIM POGUE will take Baldwin's place as senior vice president and business leader of Guardian's group business, while group insurance marketing vice president CHRIS SWANKER will lead the company's group dental business.