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intr.v. Chiefly Southern US
To declare; swear. Used in the phrase I swanny as an interjection. See Note at vum.

[Probably alteration of dialectal (I) s' wan ye, (I) shall warrant ye.]


adj, swannier or swanniest
1. swanlike
2. abounding in swans
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You left behind some broken hearts, That loved you most sincere, I never shall and never will forget you, Swanny dear.
Oh yes, I remember, they sold it down the swanny along with every other reserve we had.
WILFRIED BONY has revealed he feared his superstar dream had gone down the Swanny when he first arrived in Wales.
There was nothing there for Swanny (spinner Graeme Swann) and the wicket wasn't abrasive at all, so once you get through that 30-40 overs mark it becomes very difficult for the bowlers.
Furthermore, Swanny cannot expect wickets to be tailored to his requirements, while Australia now also boasts additional right-handers to combat the stranglehold he had developed over the lefties
His bowling's an added bonus and especially in this series so far with the wickets turning as much as they have been he could be very useful when we need to go double-spin or if Swanny needs a break.
Today's gone, tomorrow's another day, you start on nought and I just want - and the team would like - Matty (Matt Prior) and Broady (Stuart Broad) and Swanny (Graeme Swann) and Jimmy (James Anderson) to go and dig in and I think we can do that.
I can't imagine it'll be too different from what we've had in the first two games, so Swanny should be involved at some point," he said.
It's going to be a very tough selection call if Swanny is fit," he said.
One of the great things about Swanny is the amount of times he has come on to bowl and immediately got a wicket," he said.