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An option giving the buyer the right to enter into a swap agreement by a specified date.

[Blend of swap and option.]


(Banking & Finance) another name for swap4
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After listing payments in the millions that the MBTA makes to different banks for interest rate swaption agreements that went bad, the group shouted, "Cut off the banks.
An obvious example is a survivor swaption contract.
Bond proceeds will be used to refund a portion of the authority's outstanding debt and pay the required amount to terminate the 2005 Swaption Agreement.
The underlying cost of the risk absorbed by the swaption will be reflected in the rate that is fixed.
In connection with several swaps shown in the table above, Forest granted swaption instruments to counterparties in exchange for Forest receiving premium hedged prices on the swaps.
was exercising its options to claim a $268 million termination fee for the swaption deal, entered into eight years ago as a hedge against interest rate fluctuations.
Appropriate for graduate students in finance and researchers, the book introduces a stable calibration procedure by incorporating a criterion related to the swaption market, examines Libor exotics pricing based on real life calibrated models, and considers the impact of different calibrations on a variety of popular exotic derivative structures.
Related Swaption Contracts Further Extend the Partnership's Attractive Hedge Portfolio
In conjunction with the announcement of this acquisition on April 25, 2012, the Partnership entered into certain swaption contracts providing the Partnership with the option to hedge crude oil volumes listed below at the indicated NYMEX WTI prices.
8 million, net of tax, related to swap terminations and swaption expirations.
While the Turnpike has tried repeatedly to refinance portions of its debts to get out of the swaption financing arrangement, it has been unable to sell the bonds at auction on its own this year for a lack of buyers.
An element of market risk is present as a result of a swaption that can be exercised by the counterparty beginning in June 2013.