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 (swŏsh′bŭk′əl, swôsh′-)
intr.v. swash·buck·led, swash·buck·ling, swash·buck·les
To act as a swashbuckler, as in a movie or play.

[Back-formation from swashbuckler.]


vb (intr)
to engage in swashbuckling


(ˈswɒʃˌbʌk əl, ˈswɔʃ-)

v.i. -led, -ling.
to work, behave, or perform as a swashbuckler.
References in classic literature ?
He, who was sheer bladed steel in the imperious flashing of his will, could swashbuckle and bully like any over-seas roisterer, or wheedle as wickedly winningly as the first woman out of Eden or the last woman of that descent.