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swathe 1

 (swŏth, swôth, swāth)
tr.v. swathed, swath·ing, swathes
a. To wrap, as in layers of cloth: swathed herself in towels.
b. To wrap or bind in bandages.
2. To enfold or envelop: Clouds swathed the mountain.
A wrapping, binding, or bandage.

[Middle English swathen, from Old English swathian.]

swath′er n.

swathe 2

 (swŏth, swôth, swāth)
Variant of swath.


1. (Tools) US a farming implement that cuts and binds some grain crops into windrows
2. (Agriculture) US a farming implement that cuts and binds some grain crops into windrows
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Another machine was a Kato-Nokes swather made in Mankato, Minnesota.
Marine outfit GAC Group has conducted a swather of management changes and transfers across its Middle East and Africa (MEA) divisions
Their collection of assets includes: tractors, a combine, a swather, trucks, vehicles, tillage, and more.
The LINER 500 is a new one-rotor swather with a working width of 4.
Instead, she wanted a swather, which cuts hay and forms it into rows.
During the process of baling a swather cuts the hay and a tedder fluffs and separates the forage.
From the 90 to 100 acres of 3-foot-high grass he cuts each spring with his Hesston 6600 swather on property the fair uses for parking by the thousands who attend.
Above, a rotary-type swather cuts alfalfa in Butte Valley (Siskiyou County), beneath Mt.
She wished the mounts of the wheel would break so she could roll out of the yard, over the road, into the wheat field, the wheel acting like a giant swather, stalks of grain pulled up and sent flying.
The header of the swather was made to resemble a disc mower.