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1. A box in which something, such as hides or fruit, is fermented by sweating.
2. Slang A confined place where a person sweats, especially:
a. An interrogation room.
b. A prison cell used for special punishment.


1. (Agriculture) a device for causing tobacco leaves, fruit, or hides to sweat
2. (Agriculture) a very small pen or cubicle where a pig is fattened intensively
3. (Law) informal chiefly US a narrow room or cell for a prisoner
4. informal any place where a person sweats on account of confinement, heat, etc



1. a sauna or other enclosure for sweating.
2. any uncomfortably warm room or place.
3. a box or cell in which a prisoner is confined as punishment.
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Noun1.sweatbox - small or narrow cell
jail cell, prison cell, cell - a room where a prisoner is kept
2.sweatbox - a device that causes tobacco leaves or fruit or hides to sweat
device - an instrumentality invented for a particular purpose; "the device is small enough to wear on your wrist"; "a device intended to conserve water"
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SWEATBOX E | vents returns to Liverpool this weekend with a show tonight at The Garage featuring French producer Arno Cost alongside New ID and residents Corey James, Phill Binks, Clarke Gilbo and Dan Dixon.
The venue is Sweatbox at Dublin's Hub (Temple Bar, Eustace Street) - aka Industry, of course John's avid fans will know it as Switch
Not that you'd have noticed, with every brutal new anthem being greeted with total mania from the crowd who had packed the sweatbox venue all the way out to the back doors.
Peter Beardsley used to call our five-a-side pitch where he played countless times a sweatbox because of the way it dropped beneath the surface around it.
Most people would object to being made the slaves of even a kind and generous master who never used the whip or the sweatbox on them.
But, undeterred, the windmilling and kung-fu kicks continued to rain down as TRC meted out further punishment with Define Cocky, London's Greatest Love Story, the aptly-titled Sweatbox and the outstanding Go Hard Or Go Home.
Monstrou Studio Singapore announces USD$5 million animation co-production deal with Spanish production house Sweatbox and Televisio de Catalunya
George carries a lot of weight and excuses can be made for his missed cut in the Malaysian sweatbox last week.
TREORCHY: Park And Dare Theatre (01443 773112), The Sweatbox.
The 26-year-old will have to endure temperatures of over 30 degrees and humidity of up to 90% while wearing his helmet and fire-resistant race suit, turning the cockpit of his F3 Dallara Mercedes into a sweatbox.
I'll remember Anthony Lucas taking a pass on the Hogs' first snap of the game against then-nemesis SMU in 1998 and taking it to the house in the sweatbox of War Memorial Stadium, then the Hogs putting a 42-6 hurting on Alabama a week later in Fayetteville, the Tide's worst lost since pre-Bear Bryant days.