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A shop or factory in which employees work long hours at low wages under poor conditions.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a workshop where employees work long hours under bad conditions for low wages



a shop employing workers at low wages, for long hours, and under poor conditions.
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Noun1.sweatshop - factory where workers do piecework for poor pay and are prevented from forming unionssweatshop - factory where workers do piecework for poor pay and are prevented from forming unions; common in the clothing industry
factory, manufactory, manufacturing plant, mill - a plant consisting of one or more buildings with facilities for manufacturing


[ˈswɛtʃɒp] nusine f à sueur usine où les employés sont sous-payés et soumis à des conditions de travail extrêmement dures
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And recently a heavyweight - that's in prominence, not poundage - attended the city centre sweatshop.
Labour MSP Neil Findlay accused Underbelly of "engaging in the employment practices of the worst sweatshop employer".
Just four years after opening Sweatshop, in Denver, CO, Brian Young's competitive dance company is making waves on the competition scene.
Why can't rich Westerners decide what is good for foreign sweatshop workers and call for laws to bring that about?
PRO-feminism T-shirts proudly worn by leading MPs may be withdrawn amid claims they were made by women working in a sweatshop.
Called Sweatshop Studios, the Jumeirah Lake Towers-based fitness centre has become a hot topic among fitness enthusiasts ever since it launched a new regime called hot yoga seven months ago.
APPARENTLY, some customers have found labels sewn into their Primark purchases that appear to have been put there by exploited sweatshop workers.
And a second shopper Rebecca Jones, 21, yesterday revealed how she found a label reading: "Degrading sweatshop conditions".
Sweatshop is a common term used to refer to factories that typically produce apparel; that have very low wages by modern U.
Our country reached a major turning point in the struggle for workers' rights 103 years ago, following what is now known as the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire, which swept through a sweatshop and killed 146 garment workers, mostly young women.
Select the Contractor that is most compliant, capable and willing to work towards fulfilling the sweatshop free requirements as established by Madison General Ordinance 4.
Maybe it isn't a sweatshop, but that's certainly the word being bandied around at the moment.