sweep along

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w>sweep along

vidahin- or entlangrauschen; (majestically) → dahin- or entlanggleiten
vt sep (lit, fig)mitreißen
References in classic literature ?
There were moments when dark clouds of smoke would sweep along the little terrace; and, as the eye lost its power, the other senses contributed to give effect to the fearful horror of the scene.
There was a wondering and eloquent silence for a mo- ment, then a great wave of laughter began to sweep along that human sea, but a warning bugle-blast cut its career short.
SWEEP along lower lash line with the plum-filled brush, starting at the outer corner and lightly working in.
As the precision steering of your sleek Porsche Carrera GT clutches this route from Carlisle to Edinburgh in the north, you weave through woodlands and sweep along a stream.
The romance and adventure will sweep along most YA readers--and the cover, a b/w photograph of a kissing couple in grey surroundings, will grab attention.