sweep down

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w>sweep down

vihinunterrauschen; (car, plane)hinunterschießen; (majestically) → hinuntergleiten; (road, hill)in sanftem Bogen abfallen; to sweep down on somebodysich auf jdn stürzen, über jdn herfallen
vt sepabkehren, abfegen
References in classic literature ?
There is a roar, a thunder of feet, a flashing of spears, a bending of plumes, and, like a river that has burnt its banks, like storm-clouds before the gale, we sweep down upon friend and foe.
What of it, if some old hunks of a sea-captain orders me to get a broom and sweep down the decks?
The sun makes the rocks dance in the heat, and the herd children hear one kite(never any more) whistling almost out of sight overhead, and they know that if they died, or a cow died, that kite would sweep down, and the next kite miles away would see him drop and follow, and the next, and the next, and almost before they were dead there would be a score of hungry kites come out of nowhere.
I can take the herd round through the jungle to the head of the ravine and then sweep down --but he would slink out at the foot.
Suddenly the sky seemed to him to become still darker and more dense, and heavy clouds seemed to sweep down towards him; at the same time he felt a sharp pain in his knee.
This will allow a raw northerly wind to sweep down the country from the Arctic adding to the teethchattering chill.
The Met Office say a much colder air mass will sweep down across the region tonight and tomorrow, as showers turn readily to snow on high ground above 200 metres, with 5-10cm possible.
Farah will be a speck on my horizon on Sunday but it won't make the sweep down to the finish on the coast at South Shields any less rewarding.
The riders sweep down Chapel Hill, having passed through the town | The riders sweep down Chapel Hill, having passed through the town |
He said a car bomb was detonated by the terrorist Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), the same group which has spearheaded an offensive in neighboring Iraq this week that has seen militants sweep down from second city Mosul towards Baghdad.
Forecasters have warned of a return to winter, with a band of rain, sleet and snow to sweep down the country over the weekend.
With many areas only just getting over the snowstorms earlier this month, another band of snow is set to sweep down across the country on Thursday.