sweep oar

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Noun1.sweep oar - a long oar used in an open boat
oar - an implement used to propel or steer a boat
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17, 11 seconds up on double Olympic medal sweep oar star Matt Langridge in 11th, and 17 up on double Olympic champion Andy Triggs-Hodge in 13th.
Their London 2012 Olympic silver medal lightweight four crewmate Chris Bartley from Wrexham stroked this year's sweep oar crew to a dramatic semi-final win over World Cup champions New Zealand, and goes for gold today in a bid to reclaim the title he won in 2010, when he became Wales' first ever Welsh world rowing champion.
Imogen Evans placed 40th overall and will take part in the GB U23 sweep oar trials Olympic rower Tom James and fellow GB cap James Solesbury had to settle for fifth place at the British winter trials regatta