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1. Having wide-ranging influence or effect: sweeping changes.
2. Moving in or as if in a wide curve: a sweeping gesture; a sweeping glance.
3. Indiscriminate; wholesale: sweeping generalizations.
4. Overwhelming; complete: a sweeping victory.
1. The action of one that sweeps.
2. sweepings Things swept up; refuse.

sweep′ing·ly adv.
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Adv.1.sweepingly - in a sweeping manner; "he sweepingly condemned the entire population of the country for the war crimes"


adv gestureschwungvoll; speakverallgemeinernd; condemnin Bausch und Bogen
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Unable to come to terms with any failure as he pieced together his career, after a bad day at the races this shy, whispering champion could become a sweepingly repulsive Mr Nasty.
Crowd control is not exactly an everyday problem on this spacious and sweepingly beautiful coastline.
Reason: You have a tendency in your public life to state things very sweepingly, so you are criticized for hype and a whiff of charlatanism.
From the atmospheric brilliance of Breathe to the sweepingly uplifting Us and Them, through the ferociously catchy Money and intense The Great Gig In The Sky, Dark Side utilises the skills of each member of Floyd and the results are a startling affirmation of their genius.
Not at all, according to assistant director of culture Brian Gambles, who suggests rather sweepingly that the public appetite for exhibitions may not be as great as is popularly supposed.
It's notable that FX chose to pick up the sweepingly literary "The Riches," a tale of a family trying to swindle its way into the American dream--Landgraf says he considers it a modern-day "Great Gatsby"--instead of what might be considered a more traditional FX show, "Breaking Bad," which centers on a sympathetic meth dealer.
A statement by the president of the biennial's board in the exhibition catalogue sweepingly condemns the withdrawal of funding as "part of the wave of hostile actions carried out by the European Union against Cuba.
The author points out that marital affection could result from years of living together, so that love could arise in the course of marriage, which in itself qualifies any sweepingly negative view of medieval marriage.
Such sweepingly vague language has made it extremely difficult to resolve several disputes to everyone's satisfaction.
Postmodernists may sweepingly claim, with Jacques Derrida, that `there is nothing outside the text'.
It is sweepingly revisionist and has little interest in aesthetic matters.