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B-52H in flight


1. Angled rearward from the points of attachment. Used especially of aircraft wings.
2. Having wings of this type. Used of an aircraft.


(Aeronautics) (of an aircraft wing) having leading edge and trailing edges inclined backwards towards the rear of the fuselage



1. (of the leading edge of an airfoil) forming a markedly obtuse angle with the fuselage.
2. (of an aircraft or winged missile) having wings of this type.
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Adj.1.sweptback - (especially of aircraft wings) angled rearward from the point of attachment; "aircraft with sweptback wings"
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
swept - possessing sweep; "the sleek swept wings of the plane"
2.sweptback - used of hairsweptback - used of hair        
backward - directed or facing toward the back or rear; "a backward view"


[ˈsweptˈbæk] ADJ [wing] → en flecha; [aircraft] → con alas en flecha
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The model features a large Toyota grille and big, sweptback double barrel headlights with LED inserts and a soft wheel arch flare, while the ORVMs have integrated indicators and new horizontal tail lamps
Styled with European sweptback lines, the Formentera 36 was built for American boating lifestyles and it easily reaches 43 knots top speed with twin Mercury Verado 300 HP outboards.
In profile, it retains the Sorento's hallmark long bonnet and trademark chunky D-pillar, but a lower roofline, higher beltline and sweptback shape give the car a more assertive, muscular stance.
The sweptback headlights and bold chrome grille are obviously inspired by the 208 supermini, while at the rear it gets a set of claw-shaped LED lights.
The third generation 4x4 is longer, wider and lower than the current model, with sweptback styling and Kia's bold tiger-nose grille flanked by large light clusters.
Details are scant, but expect meaner and greener power units, state-of-theart technical specifications, electronics and communications systems and if these pictures are anything to go by bold, sweptback exterior styling.
Inspired by Hyundai's fluidic- design philosophy, the Eon impressed with its raked front end, sweptback headlamps and the signature hexagonal grille.
Employing the latest Ford global design language, the S-MAX Concept sports a high mounted grille, sweptback headlamps and a lower fascia with 'floating' elements while other design cues include a feature line running along the flank to create an impression of length and speed.
Lugers have a unique toggle design of function, and its sweptback grip frame gives it fine pointing qualities.
There's ample space for four and five at a squeeze within the stylish cabin, but the sweptback roofline means that rear passenger headspace is a bit limited if you are six-foot plus.
0-litre engine spitting out 215 horsepower under its sleekly sweptback design, this Made-in-the-UAE sports car has an even deadlier bite.