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B-52H in flight


1. Angled rearward from the points of attachment. Used especially of aircraft wings.
2. Having wings of this type. Used of an aircraft.


(Aeronautics) (of an aircraft wing) having leading edge and trailing edges inclined backwards towards the rear of the fuselage



1. (of the leading edge of an airfoil) forming a markedly obtuse angle with the fuselage.
2. (of an aircraft or winged missile) having wings of this type.
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Adj.1.sweptback - (especially of aircraft wings) angled rearward from the point of attachment; "aircraft with sweptback wings"
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
swept - possessing sweep; "the sleek swept wings of the plane"
2.sweptback - used of hairsweptback - used of hair        
backward - directed or facing toward the back or rear; "a backward view"


[ˈsweptˈbæk] ADJ [wing] → en flecha; [aircraft] → con alas en flecha
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It features a six-seat configuration, a dual-tone bumper, topped by a bifurcated grille and sweptback headlamps, sides flanked by black ORVMs and black door handles.
It features a laid-back attitude, forward footpegs, sweptback beach bars and comfortable pillion.
Carli walks with a cane now, but his sweptback hair and abundant moustache, his tailored camel blazer and his way of peppering every statement with"bello" and"bellissimo" reflect an undimmed enthusiasm for the finer things of life.
039"-thick stainless-steel blades settle into a sweptback position that powers through flesh and bone.
The exterior styling is sharp with angular sweptback headlamps and honeycomb grille with chrome surrounding in front whilst the side panels have prominent character lines and body cladding around muscular wheel arches.
The early version is distinguished by an extremely sweptback pistol grip.
With its high waistline, muscular haunches, sweptback headlights and boomerang-style cut-outs for the lower lights, the DS brand's flagship model is certainly different.
The extra real estate at the rear is cleverly disguised with a tapering roofline and rising shoulder-line which combine to create a sweptback, dynamic profile, while 18in alloys, a roof spoiler, twin tailpipes and a shark fin aerial are all in keeping with the WRX image.
In terms of styling, the front of the Fullback has an up-market appearance of a sports SUV with its sweptback fascia, chunky front bumper and roomy cab-forward layout plus two strips of satin silver trim used to frame the front grille on the entrylevel SX, while LX versions also have chrome-finished door mirrors, door handles and side steps and 16-inch alloy wheels are standard on the SX.
Perhaps even less expected was the Striped Hawkmoth, a bulky moth with angular, sweptback forewings with the stripes of its name and shocking pink hindwings bordered boldly with black from Wadi Mashi on January 20, 2008.
The Foton Toplander makes its imposing presence known with its large 265/65 R17 tires on each corner, bold front grille, sweptback headlamps, projector daytime running lights and masculine stance.
The sweptback headlights and bold chrome grille are obviously inspired by the 208 supermini, while at the rear it gets a set of claw-shaped LED lights.