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Having sweptback wings. Used of an aircraft.
A sweptback wing.


(Aeronautics) (of an aircraft, winged missile, etc) having wings swept (usually) backwards



(of an aircraft or winged missile) having sweptback wings.
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Adj.1.sweptwing - (of an aircraft) having sweptback wings; "a sweptwing aircraft"
aircraft - a vehicle that can fly
swept - possessing sweep; "the sleek swept wings of the plane"
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Readers may also wish to consult Monika Renneberg and Mark Walter's Science, Technology, and National Socialism; Ernst Hirschel, Horst Prem, and Gero Madelung's Aeronautical Research in Germany from Lilienthal until Today; and Hans-Ulrich Meier's German Development of the Sweptwing, 1935-1945, all of which add important insight into the structure, goals, and methodology of German prewar and wartime research, and its influence on the force-structure and capabilities of the Luftwaffe.
7) Again, with an eye toward speed and range, the rear sweptwing offers a unique way of increasing lift without increasing weight.
There is no recovery from an inverted fiat spin in a sweptwing jet, so at 10,000 feet Blackwood hit the ejectionseat button.
Instead, of course, the sweptwing Sabre met the sweptwing MiG over the Yalu and its pilots added another spectacular page in Air Force history.