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(Animals) any of various small swifts of the Asian genus Collocalia that often live in caves and use echolocation: the nests, which are made of hardened saliva, are used in oriental cookery to make birds' nest soup


(ˈswɪft lɪt)

any swift of the genus Collocalia, of SE Asia, Indonesia, and Australia, certain species of which use saliva to construct nests, which are used in making bird's-nest soup.
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Noun1.swiftlet - swift of eastern Asia; produces the edible bird's nest
swift - a small bird that resembles a swallow and is noted for its rapid flight
Collocalia, genus Collocalia - a genus of Apodidae
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Along the way hikers are encouraged to keep an eye out for endemic wildlife, as the area is home to birds such as the Seychelles bulbul, swiftlet and sunbird, as well the worlds smallest frog, which is only 1cm in length.
61) After Kathan and Weeks had published in 1969 (62) the isolation of Sia from Collocalia mucoid (edible bird nest substance), from the Chinese swiftlet (Genus Aerodramus collocalia), another source for the isolation of large quantities of Neu5Ac was found.
Families harvest cave swiftlet nests, a sought-after ingredient in exorbitantly priced bird's nest soup.
Malaysia's largest developer of swiftlet parks that produce edible bird's nests, a precious delicacy in Southeast and East Asia, has ambitious plans to enter the world stage with its products and even wants to raise capital through an initial public offering in New York later this year.
On top they install a loudspeaker that plays the clicks, chirps, and whistles of the swiftlet, advertizing free, luxury apartments to all of the requisite species.
It is produced by several different swiftlet species in the genus of Aerodramus and Collocalia and the nest is mainly built by male swiftlets [2].
This edible nest is made from the saliva of a bird called the white-nest swiftlet.
Food of the White-rumped Swiftlet (Aerodramus spodiopygius) in Fiji.
For centuries, traditional Chinese doctors have been using swiftlet nests to cure various ailments, raise libido and rejuvenate skin.
It's described as being made from the saliva used to make a nest by swiftlet birds, and they should only be from caves, not cliffs or trees, making it a dangerous and rare treat if done properly.