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v. swilled, swill·ing, swills
a. To drink greedily or grossly: "Unshaven horsemen swill the great wines of the Chateaux" (W.H. Auden).
b. To follow the ingestion of (food, for example) with the ingestion of a liquid: swilled down the pretzels with soda.
a. To flood with water, as for washing or rinsing: swilled out the glass.
b. To swirl (a liquid) around in a container or in one's mouth: swilled the wine in the glass before sniffing.
3. To feed (animals) with swill.
To drink greedily or to excess.
1. A mixture of liquid and solid food, such as table scraps, fed to animals, especially pigs; slop.
2. Liquor or other alcohol of poor quality: I won't drink this swill.
3. A swig or gulp of a drink.

[Middle English swilen, to wash out, from Old English swilian; see swel- in Indo-European roots.]

swill′er n.
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Noun1.swilling - the drinking of large mouthfuls rapidlyswilling - the drinking of large mouthfuls rapidly
drinking, imbibing, imbibition - the act of consuming liquids
References in classic literature ?
But, I perfectly remember that I sat swilling tea until my whole nervous system, if I had had any in those days, must have gone by the board.
But I persevered, and used my body in the way Nature intended it should be used--not bending over a desk and swilling whiskey.
It would take a clever man to live upon thy labor, Hugh," remarked one of the foresters, "seeing that the half of thy time is spent in swilling mead at the `Pied Merlin.
com)-- Private Bank of Buckhead, which includes Private Bank of Decatur and PrivatePlus Mortgage, has added Eric Swilling, as Assistant Vice President, Credit Administration.
I have watched both editions and have seen the unemployed portrayed as lazy, indolent and criminal, either swilling beer or smoking a joint, where shoplifting is seen as a career move and selling dodgy Big Issues a smart ruse.
While trying to practice, our young starlet has obviously been hailed by a Lawn Tennis Association blazer-wearing type swilling a Pimm's while adjusting his cravat.
On Saturday I stood outside of a baby shower in Rahway, New Jersey swilling a St.
Senior staff are enjoying the perks of a new three-year deal for the lavish Suite H at Court One - where they are dining on salmon and swilling champagne at a free bar before games.
So into whose pockets has all that moolah which was happily swilling around a few short months ago disappeared?
Swilling, a military policeman with the 3rd Infantry Division's 293rd MP Company, has seen the war go from invasion to insurgency to surge to relative calm.