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An acute infectious disease of domesticated swine caused by a virus and characterized by skin lesions.


1. (Veterinary Science) Also called: variola porcina an acute infectious viral disease of pigs characterized by skin eruptions
2. (Pathology) a form of chickenpox in which the skin eruptions are not pitted



a mild pox disease of swine, caused by a virus related to that of cowpox.
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To the Editor: Swinepox virus (SWPV), which replicates only in swine, belongs to the Suipoxvirus genus of the Poxviridae family.
This comprehensive study of the health of the nation throughout our history is a morbidly fascinating book, which even though dry and academic, allows the reader to dip in and out discovering a little bit about measles here and a little about swinepox there, and of course there are a few gruesome pictures as well.
During the past quarter, feasibility studies exploring numerous applications of Syntro's swinepox virus vector yielded highly encouraging results, underscoring the broad potential of this patented vector system for uses in multiple species.
We are especially excited by the grant early in the quarter of the first patent covering our engineered swinepox virus vector.