swing across


w>swing across

vihinüberschwingen; (hand-over-hand) → sich hinüberhangeln; (+prep obj) → schwingen über (+acc); (+prep obj, person, animal) → sich schwingen über (+acc); (hand-over-hand) → sich hangeln über (+acc)
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He asserted the provincial people would feel real change and improvement in the next two years as the development projects are in full swing across the province.
If the poll's findings were replicated on election day and if there were a uniform swing across all these constituencies, it would see Labour win 40 of the 50.
5 million tons are available to tackle domestic requirements of staple food whereas sowing of new crop is also witnessing full swing across the wheat growing areas of the country.
The recovery is by no means in full swing across all sectors and many are still experiencing fragile trading conditions.
With winter in full swing across the Midwest, Green Bay drivers are experiencing spinouts and collisions that may result in extensive vehicle repair.
Sources said anti-Dengue drive had been in full swing across Karachi for last three months, however, all efforts proved to be in vain as the disease continued to spread, affecting more and more people with each passing day.
By Ayman Adly/Staff Reporter Preparations for the upcoming National Day celebrations are on in full swing across the country.
With the cane harvesting season in full swing across the Mackay area, Ergon is urging farmers and harvesting contractors to exercise extreme care when operating machinery near powerlines.
There were some memorable scenes for James - a former Duffryn High School pupil - including standing on top of a skyscraper then jumping on a crane to swing across to land on another building, all for the sake of delivering those famous chocs.
Ministry officials announced that the first phase of the pilot project is in full swing across eight schools in the country.
MEMORIES: The young Princess aboard HMS Vanguard With Dartmoor on our doorstep they taught us how to build monkey bridges across the fast flowing rivers and bosun chairs to swing across and bivouacs to sleep under.
Britain is all set to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Queen, commencing on Saturday and final preparations for the events for the next four days are going on in full swing across the country.