Swivel joint

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a joint, the two pieces composing which turn round, with respect to each other, on a longitudinal pin or axis, as in a chain, to prevent twisting.

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4" rotor only, with unitized o-ring swing joint or hunter #i-25 series sprinkler.
Grooved performance in seismic conditions was found to be excellent in a seismic swing joint tested as part of Leigh University's ATLSS Lab
Tenders are invited for 3 pups sprinkler system With Disc Filtef with disc filter with assly 2 5"Air Release valve 1" - pressure Guage - Pvc pipe - 110mm/4kg Pvc pipe -75mm/ 4kg - Pvc pipe - 63mm/4kg- Pvc Control valve 63mm- Pvc flush Valve 63/50mm- Valve box - popup Rotar Medium Range radius- Swing Joint Assembly - Service Saddle 63mmx3/4"- Fittinns