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a. A sharp bend in a road or trail on a steep incline.
b. A point on a mountain railway where trains reverse direction to continue obliquely up or down a slope without turning.
c. A road, trail, or railway that has such bends or points in it.
d. A section of such a road, trail, or railroad, extending in a nearly opposite direction to the section coming before or after it.
2. Chiefly British A roller coaster.
intr.v. switch·backed, switch·back·ing, switch·backs
To proceed in sharp turns in alternating directions on a steep incline: the trail switchbacked up the mountain; the hikers switchbacked up the hill.


1. (Civil Engineering) a mountain road, railway, or track which rises and falls sharply many times or a sharp rise and fall on such a road, railway, or track
2. another word (esp Brit) for big dipper



1. a highway, as in a mountainous area, having many hairpin curves.
2. a zigzag railroad track arrangement for climbing a steep grade.
3. (of a road, railroad track, etc.) to progress through a series of hairpin curves; zigzag.
[1860–65, Amer.]
horská dráha
bakket vejrutschebane
horská železnica
eğlence treni


[ˈswɪtʃbæk] N (Brit) (at fair) → montaña f rusa; (= road) → camino m de fuertes altibajos


[ˈswɪtʃbæk] n (British)montagnes fpl russes


[ˈswɪtʃˌbæk] n (Brit) (roller coaster) → montagne fpl russe


(switʃ) noun
1. a small lever, handle or other device eg for putting or turning an electric current on or off. The switch is down when the power is on and up when it's off; He couldn't find the light-switch.
2. an act of turning or changing. After several switches of direction they found themselves on the right road.
3. a thin stick.
to change, turn. He switched the lever to the `off' position; Let's switch over to another programme; Having considered that problem, they switched their attention to other matters.
ˈswitchback noun
a railway eg in an amusement park, or a road that has many ups and downs (and sudden turns). Let's go along the switchback.
ˈswitchboard noun
a board with many switches for controlling electric currents etc, or for making connections by telephone, eg within a large office etc.
switch on/off
to put or turn on/off (an electric current / light etc). He switched on the light; Switch off the electricity before going on holiday.
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Through her half-closed eyelids she watched Terence lying back in his chair, and she smiled as she saw how big his mouth was, and his chin so small, and his nose curved like a switchback with a knob at the end.
the leading provider of performance management software for human services, is proud to announce the launch of the first live Efforts to Outcomes (ETO) software system in the United Kingdom at Switchback, an intensive mentoring program that helps 18-24 year old offenders make real, long-lasting change after release.
com)-- Switchback Outdoor Gear set out in the summer of 2013 to produce the easiest, most effective solution for active people needing automobile seat protection after grueling workouts or adventures - without a hefty price and without permanent or semi-permanent installation.
Co-director Phil Ormrod, of the Stockton-based performance company Switchback, said: "The Easterly will be a rich tapestry of stories and songs shared on a walk from Saltburn's community theatre in Albion Terrace to the pier.
The 2014 Switchback line's smooth handling and power delivers extraordinary riding experiences, on or off-trail.
He said that he was horrified to find that some people took it -seriously as it was intended to make people scream and yell and so forth - but no more than screaming and yelling on a switchback railway, the Mirror reported.
The surface of the road had become notorious with residents nicknaming it "the switchback.
Frederick Savage began manufacturing the Steam Switchback around 1885.
While manufacturers spend billions on the bike that does everything - sports mode, touring mode and urban mode- the guys at Harley come up with the Switchback.
SWITCHBACK is worth one more try over a mile in the Off Limits Team Building Through Events Handicap at Kempton.
The aftertreatment system is availabe in multiple configurations, including switchback, horizontal and vertical.
What might be, though, is the switchback track as he rolled around like a drunken sailor after hitting the front at flat Doncaster last time, and he also looked an awkward ride at Newcastle the time before.