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n. pl. switch·er·oos Slang
An unexpected variation or reversal.

[Alteration of switch.]


slang US a surprising or unexpected change or variation
[C20: from switch]


(ˌswɪtʃ əˈru)

n. Slang.
a sudden change or reversal.
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Noun1.switcheroo - a sudden unexpected switch
switching, shift, switch - the act of changing one thing or position for another; "his switch on abortion cost him the election"


n (esp US inf) → Kehrtwendung f; to pull a switcherooeine Kehrtwendung machen
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Seeking The Soul Dallas Stewart 20-1 Connections did a switcheroo by putting him in here in the place of Breeders' Cup Distaff winner Forever Unbridled, who now goes to Dubai; said to be working well at Fair Grounds and won Grade 1 Clark Handicap on most recent start.
A second switcheroo comes in the form of the transformation the four teenagers undergo when they enter the game, essentially turning into polar-opposite avatars of themselves.
This switcheroo is happening to make room for a new, Halloween-themed premiere on the network of "Michael Jackson's Halloween," a one-hour animated special.
A switcheroo which at least benefitted from the appearance of a pre-TARDIS Peter Capaldi as a medic frantically trying to stem the tide of necrotic brain eaters.
Stacie recommends that we teach our children to "Stop, Think and Do the Switcheroo and put yourself in that person's shoes.
And, to add insult to Dems' injury, MM made the old switcheroo the day after voting for officers of the Nashua Dem City Committee--officers of a party she was going to turn her back on in about 24 hours.
Think long and hard before ditching a lifelong hobby, but know that making the right switcheroo could help you discover hidden talents, meet fun folks and give you a fresh perspective.
In the emotional aftermath of the accident, Heidi is sure that she can pull off the switcheroo, but in the cold light of day things look far different.
Their switcheroo is accomplished not by a restaurant's fortune cookie but by a pair of magical hourglasses.
Relationship Slambook for Tweens: Switcheroo - Php450
It was Labour leader John Clancy's first attempt at a constitutional switcheroo and instantly provoked a very public rebuke from his predecessor Sir Albert Bore - a man who probably rewrites constitutions in his sleep.
Thanks to its trademarked Switcheroo Shooting System, users can quickly switch between the shooting rest, foam-covered bino rest, camera adapter, and a compass.