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A device that joins two parts in a way that allows one part to turn without turning the other.
v. swiv·eled, swiv·el·ing, swiv·els or swiv·elled or swiv·el·ling
1. To turn or rotate on a swivel or an axis.
2. To secure, fit, or support with a swivel.
To turn on a swivel or an axis.

[Middle English swyvel.]


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The Saflok[TM] Hybrid Mining Bolt Swivel Anchor and the Saflok[TM] Mining Bolt Anchor with Swivelling O-Ring, two anchorage connectors designed to offer the best underground protection for workers employed in mining or tunnelling applications.
Here in windswept Blackpool, mussed hair and whipped up skirts are now a thing of the past as hardy trippers are able to seek shelter in a series of ingenious swivelling windbreaks arrayed along the south shore promenade.
SWIVELLING seats could be the solution for people who find it difficult to get in and out of cars, and especially small ones.