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A state of extreme distress or discomposure.

[Origin unknown.]


informal US a state of anxiety, confusion, or excitement: don't get yourself in a swivet.
[C19: origin unknown]


(ˈswɪv ɪt)

a state of anxiety.
[1890–95; orig. obscure]
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Noun1.swivet - a panic or extreme discomposure; "it threw her into a swivet"
affright, panic, terror - an overwhelming feeling of fear and anxiety


Informal. A condition of excited distress:
Informal: snit, state, sweat.
Slang: tizzy.
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And then there are the vinegary tweets that have put Foggy Bottom in a swivet.
It is in a perpetual swivet stoked by media for which every interinstitutional dust-up is a crisis.
His story had it all: a powerful man charged with raping a powerless maid, a perp walk that got Bernard-Henri Levy in a swivet, accusations of other sexual assaults, the end of his hopes of ever becoming president of France (where he's also involved in a prostitution scandal), plus the ruination of his reputation as a lover; in the most lenient possible view of his behavior, this vaunted ladies' man made Anthony Weiner look as suave as Warren Beatty.