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Adj.1.Sword-shaped - shaped like a sword bladesword-shaped - shaped like a sword blade; "the iris has an ensiform leaf"
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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Enjoy autumn sunshine illuminating the fresh green sword-shaped foliage and eye-catching flowers.
The Top Five Most Iconic Watches of the Modern Era and the Distinguished Spirit Pairing: The Cartier 38mm Pasha is a unique timepiece that exudes power and elegance through the construction of its round, water resistant case, four Arabic numerals, screw-down crown cap and sword-shaped hands.
Their sizzling orange and red flowers emerge above sword-shaped leaves, adding both structure and colour to the border.
The VR-21 SED and VR-41 SED feature a unique single-rod probe design with a sword-shaped blade that allows material to easily flow by the sensor and settle on the bottom of the tank.
CROCOSMIA Also known as montbretia, these frost hardy corms grown for their brightly coloured flowers, which last late into summer, also provide architectural value with their sword-shaped, upright leaves.
If you've never heard of, or seen aloe vera, it is a plant characterised by long, hard, sword-shaped green leaves with sharp points - is native to Africa and grows only in warm climates.
This hardy corm flowers on two- to four-foot-tall stems and has sword-shaped foliage.
The sword-shaped leaves of Japanese blood grass, for example, go red in summer and crimson in autumn.
Additional Unibal joints are featured on the track control arms and the sword-shaped anti-roll bars front and rear are now adjustable to seven different positions on both sides, allowing an even more precise set-up of the car in accordance with the respective race track.
Native son, Ricardo Bofill, has designed a sleek sword-shaped structure that is flooded with natural light from its floor-to-ceiling glass walls.
If you don't want to replant or create a totally new border, buy some specimen plants to act as focal points in your existing garden, such as Phormium tenax, with its sword-shaped leaves, or Fatsia japonica, which provides sculptural foliage in a shady spot, callicarpa or cotoneaster for colourful berries and Acer palmatum for a real burst of autumn colour.