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Adj.1.swordlike - shaped like a sword bladeswordlike - shaped like a sword blade; "the iris has an ensiform leaf"
unsubdivided, simple - (botany) of leaf shapes; of leaves having no divisions or subdivisions
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Large palms such as Cordyline - with its long, swordlike leaves - will also suffer.
Row after row of agave--thousands upon thousands of plants--erupted from the earth in spiky, swordlike formations.
It belongs to the same family as crocosmia - the Iris family - and shares its swordlike foliage.
My parents at his feet, wrecked honeysuckles, he lowered his swordlike mouth, gorged on them, draining color until their eyebrows whitened.
One of Mehanata's house specialties is the shashlutsi, a pair of swordlike, crisscrossed metal skewers stabbing considerable chunks of smoky pork and chicken.
99 OFFER 2: ACIDANTHERA X 50 These lovely easy to grow bulbs throw up elegant stems up to one metre high with bright green swordlike foliage and hold graceful, softly-scented, white flowers with purple throats.
His words felt rich and courageous, even profound, and for an instant or two he reckoned that the swordlike length of sunlight squeezed in the stunning weave of gray clouds on the horizon was his final destination, and he welcomed this as fitting.
brings Brazilian-style, roving gaucho servers to tableside, where they slice one of 15 different meats from long swordlike skewers (espetos).
would have done with that swordlike singleness of heart," Buck
in turn, swordless David's retort, expressing the swordlike word of God, is objectified in his flung "pebble" (65).
Meat, meat and more meat comes to the table Brazilian churrascaria style on those swordlike skewers carried by smiling ``gauchos,'' and it's all for one set price at Gauchos Village in Glendale.