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Lumps of pure silver bearing the stamp of a banker or an assayer and formerly used in China as money.

[Cantonese sai3 si1, fine silver (literally, fine silk, so called because the pure silver can be spun into fine threads); akin to Mandarin xísī, fine silver : Mandarin , thin, fine (from Middle Chinese siaj`) + Mandarin , silk, thread (from Middle Chinese sẓ).]


(saɪˈsiː) or

sycee silver

(Historical Terms) silver ingots formerly used as a medium of exchange in China
[C18: from Chinese saì sz fine silk; so called because the silver can be made into threads as fine as silk]



fine silver in stamped ingots, formerly used in China as money.
[1705–15; < Chinese dial. (Guangdong) sai-sì silk floss]
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This money often takes the form of a sycee, which is a type of silver or gold ingot that was formerly used as currency in China.
The transmission of parcels, bank drafts, and sycee [cash] is the most lucrative part of their postal operations.