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1. One who uses symbols or symbolism.
a. One who interprets or represents conditions or truths by the use of symbols or symbolism.
b. often Symbolist Any of a group of chiefly French writers and artists of the late 1800s who rejected realism and used symbols to evoke ideas and emotions.
1. Of or relating to symbolism.
2. often Symbolist Of or relating to the Symbolists.

sym′bol·is′tic adj.
sym′bol·is′ti·cal·ly adv.


1. a person who uses or can interpret symbols, esp as a means to revealing aspects of truth and reality
2. (Art Terms) an artist or writer who practises symbolism in his work
3. (Literary & Literary Critical Movements) (usually capital) a writer associated with the symbolist movement
4. (Art Movements) (often capital) an artist associated with the movement of symbolism
5. (Theology) Christian theol a person who rejects any interpretation of the Eucharist that suggests that Christ is really present in it, and who maintains that the bread and wine are only symbols of his body and blood
of, relating to, or characterizing symbolism or symbolists
ˌsymbolˈistic, ˌsymbolˈistical adj
ˌsymbolˈistically adv


(ˈsɪm bə lɪst)

a. a writer or artist who seeks to express or evoke emotions, ideas, etc., by the use of symbolic language, imagery, color, etc.
b. (usu. cap.) any of a group of chiefly French and Belgian poets and writers of the late 19th century who rejected naturalism and used evocative, suggestive, or synesthetic images.
2. a person who uses symbols or symbolism.
3. a person versed in the study or interpretation of symbols.
4. of or pertaining to symbolists or symbolism.
sym`bol•is′tic, adj.
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Noun1.symbolist - a member of an artistic movement that expressed ideas indirectly via symbols
artist, creative person - a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination
2.symbolist - someone skilled in the interpretation or representation of symbols
interpreter, translator - someone who mediates between speakers of different languages


A. ADJsimbolista
B. Nsimbolista mf


nSymbolist(in) m(f)
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Next spring, 46 works of Lithuania's symbolist painting, graphic, pastels and sculptures will be exhibited in a new hall of one of Europe's most-visited museums, which features world masterpieces of art.
Poetry and Psychiatry: Essays on Early Twentieth-Century Russian Symbolist Culture
Symbolist artists believed overall in a rejection of naturalism and that art should transmit an idea or emotion.
Similarly, Albrecht does not acknowledge a key body of recent critical scholarship in this field, such as Joseph Acquisto's French Symbolist Poetry and the Idea of Music (2006), or Margaret Miner's Resonant Gaps between Baudelaire and Wagner (1995), to name but two.
Klimt (1862-1918) was a symbolist painter who also gained prominence for his sketches.
Valerie Michelet Jacquod begins this lengthy treatment of the symbolist novel with a discussion of its inherent paradox.
READING The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown Out September 15 Eagerly anticipated sequel to The Da Vinci Code, it once again features symbolist Robert Langdon, following him through an exhilarating 12 hour timeframe.
Parallels are drawn primarily with the work of Moreas and Heredia, whose inspiration was vital for George in his pioneering adaptation of the French Symbolist credo to German poetry.
Adrian Jenkins, director of the museum, says of The Autumn Bride: "It is a rare example of French Symbolist painting in a British public collection.
Throughout, she situates the tempered modernists firmly within the context of writing by their symbolist and radical modernist predecessors and contemporaries, showing that both forms of modernism represent both a continuation and a rejection of the symbolist past, while remaining in many ways diametrically opposed to each other.
So it came as a surprise when, at the Edvard Munch show at the Museum of Modern Art earlier this year, I felt an unexpected connection to Munch's Symbolist work.