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The KML module in GeoServer has been rewritten and the KML point symbolizer has been enhanced to allow features KML by itself normally wouldn't, like stacked symbols.
Stated differently, he was more immediately concerned with the current state of consciousness, deformed by scientism and behaviorism, and with ways to develop a new anthropology based on man's uniqueness as a symbolizer that would break through the solipsism and closure of present-day culture.
A symbol need not be caused by a symbolizer in order to be a symbol.
The two groups showed similarities on such leadership attributes as visionary, symbolizer, auditor and self-sacrifice.
In The Angry Marriage you will learn how to reclaim the love in your relationship by discovering: how to identify which of the six angry "lovestyles" best describes you--venter, provoker, displacer, enactor, symbolizer, or suppresser; how to decode complaints so that you can unearth the real but hidden sources of your and your spouse's anger; how to confront and conquer the invisible, angry marriage that is locked inside your relationship; how to replace even the greatest anger with compassion and goodwill using a new language of love.
This means that a symbol, be it a wedding ring or sexual intercourse, can lose its closeness to the symbolizer and sink to the level of mere sign or "symbolic representation" if one's heart is no longer in it.
18) This is clearly so in the case of the Ukrainian-Canadian text where the symbolizer (to continue with Kristeva's terminology) is, say, the image of a pair of boots or a folk song, but what is being symbolized is, in fact, the entire Ukrainian culture.