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He knew that the world, and Annie as the representative of the world, whatever praise might be bestowed, could never say the fitting word nor feel the fitting sentiment which should be the perfect recompense of an artist who, symbolizing a lofty moral by a material trifle,--converting what was earthly to spiritual gold,--had won the beautiful into his handiwork.
Came then, from the back of the room a procession headed by the high dignitary whose office it was to make these two man and wife, and directly behind him a richly-clad youth bearing a silken pillow on which lay the golden handcuffs connected by a short length of chain-of-gold with which the ceremony would be concluded when the dignitary clasped a handcuff about the wrist of each symbolizing their indissoluble union in the holy bonds of wedlock.
She beautifully reinterprets the three movable diamonds of the Move ring, symbolizing the love of yesterday, today and tomorrow.
6 ( ANI ): Greeting the spring season and bidding farewell to the winter season, devout Hindus thronged Sun God temples to offer prayers, symbolizing the ancient belief of going into light from darkness in Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh.
9,800 red flags symbolize women and girls who survived abduction for marriage against their will, 2,000 white flags - women and girls survivors of sexual violence, and 7,500 purple flags symbolizing women who reported about cases of domestic violence.
Under the main prayer area will be a "Museum of the Religions" consisting of three layers symbolizing the three Abrahamic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.
The stylized 'T' of the word Timmins, takes the shape of a rock pick, symbolizing the early days of prospecting and the discovery of gold.
The sphinx, symbolizing wisdom and silence, represents Human Intelligence.
Examples of this similarity would be the tiger and the peony: the former symbolizing bravery and strength; the latter symbolizing wealth.
The main table is set with a quinceanera doll dressed in a replica of her ball gown, symbolizing the last doll of her childhood.
Full-color photographs and step-by-step instructions with diagrams walk the reader through the creation of advanced aesthetic designs including those of a bittersweet vine, a geometric print symbolizing the Northern Lights, ideal patterns for holiday accents, and much more.
An eternal flame will rise from the center of the pool, symbolizing the home hearth as well as the fire of war.