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Weston, who seemed to have walked there on purpose to be tired, and sit all the time with him, remained, when all the others were invited or persuaded out, his patient listener and sympathiser.
said Harvey, who thought he had found a sympathiser.
Both at Paris and on the Rhine, and even in Switzerland--there are so many Poles, with their sympathisers, the French, at these tables d'hote that one cannot get a word in edgeways if one happens only to be a Russian.
Summary: Melbourne [Australia], Nov 28 (ANI): The Australian police on Tuesday detained an alleged Islamic State (IS) sympathiser, suspected of plotting a mass shooting on the New Year's Eve in Melbourne's Victoria state.
NAZI sympathiser Joerg Haider, who led his far-right party to power in Austria in 1999, died in a car crash yesterday, aged 58.
TWENTY people died in a missile strike on the house of a militant leader and Taliban sympathiser in Pakistan, it was reported last night.
THERE seems a sense of unease in the ranks of Bengaluru police with each passing day as time is running out to file the chargesheet against IS sympathiser Mehdi Masroor Biswas, who was arrested from the city in December last year.
However, another Sangh sympathiser said it was not the RSS' style to alert the cadre about impending change in the leadership and if it is being done, then something is fishy.
He (Edward) did have a meeting with Hitler but so did a lot of heads of states, and that didn't make them a Nazi sympathiser
After years kicking racism out of British football, the last thing we need is a fascist sympathiser coaching our national team.
Ian Paisley Jnr is wrong to think that Brady is a terrorist sympathiser, and that's plain for anyone with half a head to see.
But councillor Mike Shirley said: "I don't want to be told by a French sympathiser that I can't fly the flag.