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 (sĭm-pō′zē-ăst′, -əst)
A participant in a symposium.


(Education) a person who takes part in a symposium


(sɪmˈpoʊ ziˌæst, -əst)

a person who attends or participates in a symposium.
[1650–60; orig. < assumed Greek *symposiastḗs, derivative of symposiázein to drink together]

symposiast Rare.

a person participating in a symposium.
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Noun1.symposiast - someone who participates in a symposium
attendee, meeter, attendant, attender - a person who is present and participates in a meeting; "he was a regular attender at department meetings"; "the gathering satisfied both organizers and attendees"
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In none of the cases can we establish the normal way that a symposiast interacted with a piper in real life.
He returned to New York City that summer to be a symposiast in the American Psychological Association (APA) program honouring Harry Dexter Kitson, Donald Super's mentor.
Each symposiast rests with his left arm on a pillow and seems to be covered by a blanket or a sheet.
discredits Aeschines in court by reporting how Aeschines had a woman beaten almost to death for refusing to sing at a symposium (another symposiast intervenes to save her life).
Although Peter would frequently serve as a guest professor and was an indefatigable symposiast and speaker at conferences in many countries, the University of Minnesota was to remain his lifelong home, a genuine Wahlheimat.
The same can be said of Ibycus' description of the beauty of Troilus (Ibycus 282(a) 41-5): Theognidean elegy had made the process of refining gold, and testing it by means of the basanos, into a symbol for the qualities most desirable in a fellow symposiast (Thgn.
It is a pity that Arnold had not taken more notice of the discussion of exploitation in the recent work of his fellow symposiast, John Roemer.
Shapiro makes the hero also a drinking companion of undepicted mortals, a fellow symposiast.
60) While Neer focuses attention on the impossible self-elevation of the low-status individual who situates himself in the elitist space of his vase, others suggest that the artist who portrays himself, or one of his kind, as an athlete, symposiast, or high-class pupil engages in a form of self-parody: much like the hired entertainers and parasites at the symposium, and the misshapen, fat dancers who 'perform themselves' by displaying their grotesque anatomies and flaunt upper-class decorum on contemporary komast vases, (61) the painter assumes a persona that offers symposiasts an object of derision from outside their exclusive company.
While an elite sixth-century symposiast would exhibit his refinement by his embrace of Lydian dress and mores, in Hipponax's upside-down poetic world, Lydian is the obscene gibberish mouthed by a prostitute spanking the constipated poetic ego of fr.
Several symposiasts claim that I exaggerate the detrimental effect that hate speech bans can have on the legitimacy of downstream legislation.
Entertainers performed, consorted and conversed with the symposiasts.

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