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Adj.1.synaesthetic - relating to or experiencing synesthesia; involving more than one sense; "synesthetic response to music"; "synesthetic metaphor"
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Between South Korea and the Arab states, and Sharjah in particular, they responded with synaesthetic interpretations of their perspectives, rather than with fixed propositions.
Hamilakis, in contrast, seeks a more synaesthetic understanding of the past, rightly reminding us that all human experience is multisensory and need not be divided into individual sensory modalities.
Many of the artists exhibited here portray the synaesthetic confusion of trench combat as something approaching the sublime.
Delay Dust" was both a synaesthetic tour de force and an exercise in thwarting illusion.
Chapter 2 discusses creativity in the formation of multisensory connections, either spontaneously or deliberately, and presents commentary from synaesthetic artists on their work.
These sound parameters were experienced as synaesthetic dimensions, with: timbre reflecting shape, chromaticity and personality; pitch reflecting spatial relationships between sensory polarities and coordinated motor skills; intensity reflecting dynamics and emotional content; and, duration establishing orders, sequences and variations within an absolutely musical meaning.
What Castells has to say about the "space of flows" appears to apply to the social world found in Gibson's Sprawl trilogy as well, despite these technologies being differently imagined to those of today: what Gibson labels "simstim" (probably from "similarly stimulated"), for instance, resembles a kind of technologically mediated, synaesthetic three-dimensional experience of exactly what the person whose sensations were recorded on the "simstim" one is "plugged into" (7) experienced.
T]hunder / Wheels in circles" in its synaesthetic disconnect intimates a strange process that need not always make sense.
41) There obtains something like a trance of observation here, accompanied in a synaesthetic manner by the sound of "footsteps that seemed to tread behind his own, distinct from the multitudinous tramp around him; and .
The eating and drinking experience therefore involved social interaction and touching Kvadrat's sensual textiles, whilst 'eating' the colours and textures of the room and tasting menu: a total, synaesthetic immersion.
MacDonald's "Taxonomy" charts the move from a descriptive, visual register ("beak like a hair" describes this specific feature of a wren's anatomy) to a far more complicated, synaesthetic image: "lime scent in the nose/like scrapings from a goldsmith's cuttle," where the lime scent emanates presumably from the cuttlebone the bird gnaws on.
The synaesthetic frenzy of youthful play is though, again, followed by a narration of the arduous seasonal nurturing of crops.