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 (sĭng′krĭ-tĭz′əm, sĭn′-)
1. Reconciliation or fusion of differing systems of belief, as in philosophy or religion, especially when success is partial or the result is heterogeneous.
2. Linguistics The merging of two or more originally different inflectional forms.

[Greek sunkrētismos, union, from sunkrētizein, to unite (in the manner of the Cretan cities) : sun-, syn- + Krēs, Krēt-, Cretan.]

syn·cret′ic (-krĕt′ĭk), syn′cre·tis′tic (-krĭ-tĭs′tĭk) adj.
syn′cre·tist n.
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In launching the on January 15, 178 Jones offered his "Nezr" (ceremonia and the Sanskr Wilkins reciprocateSanskrit poem - bu cal Persian ghazal (symbolizing the Su suhl-i kul (peace w enacting of Mughal sessed a political diregime's use of Su and Hindu Vedant quietist and potentily syncretist, fostera tradition of Indian interculturalism which Hastings saw as essential to peacefuand effective gove ment of Hindus Muslims, whether or Sunni.
The ICU's legal system tended toward a non-uniform syncretist mix of Shariah and xeer, with the former applying most to family, marriage, inheritance, and strictly civil matters.
28) While following centuries would cast his image either as heretical apostate or religious syncretist, the sad irony is that Dara Shukoh may have understood his own cause more as one about the nature of the Islamic spiritual heritage itself and the degree to which its monotheistic message had been made universal and eventually was reinherited by his dynastic line of "universal rulers.
Given his syncretist beliefs, Tagore would be prone to passing seamlessly from one form of spirituality to another, from Vedantic to biblical.
Mr Fatah was likely to take up during the talk the issue of why Jamia has a hall named after Yasser Arafat but not a syncretist like Dara Shikoh.
Kasper is an enigmatic figure in the poem, the wise man of the Epiphany, magician, alchemist (Mary and Kaspar also mark the syncretist interplay between alchemical hermeticism and Christianity).
The artist behind this work, Obst (Fruit), 2008, is Steven Claydon, the British syncretist who loves to create installations representing all kinds of philosophical principles and deities.
26) His most serious critique of Toynbee was aimed at his proposal, which has been taken up by a large body of Western intellectualist scholarship, that the religious form for the world that is coming into being is a syncretist world religion.
Despite criticisms from some in the Roman curia that he is a syncretist and a dangerous progressive, Archbishop Gianfranco Ravasi was handpicked by Pope Benedict XVI as the Vatican's unofficial minister for culture.
Their syncretist tactics also distinguish them from Christian missionaries (p 96).
Since there is a genuine committal aspect present here, Voltolini's syncretist view strikes this reviewer as being a subspecies of the realist one.
The Forum of Religious Confessions (The Forum) is an interfaith organization that promotes dialogue, understanding, and improved relationships among religious leaders and groups, engaging leaders of many of the country's religious groups, including Catholics, Muslims, various Protestant groups, several syncretist groups, the Association of Traditional Priests, and the Bossonists, an association of indigenous Akan religious priests.