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An animal, especially a bird or mammal, that has two or more fused digits.
adj. also syn·dac·ty·lous (-tə-ləs)
Of, relating to, or characterized by syndactyly.

[French syndactyle : Greek sun-, syn- + Greek daktulos, finger, toe.]


(Zoology) having fingers, or toes, united
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The pes has 6 pads, 4 interdigital and 2 plantar, the thenar and hypothenar; the thenar pad is enlarged and narrow; the hypothenar pad is subequal in size to the 1st interdigital pad; dIII and dIV are the largest, subequal in size and showing a slightly syndactylous condition (Fig.
Moreover, mice lacking GLI3 and SHH (SHH-/- GLI3-/-) have 6-11 syndactylous digits per limb [11].