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1. Serving to connect, as a conjunction; copulative or conjunctive.
2. Connected by a conjunction.

[Greek sundetikos, from sundetos, bound together, from sundein, to bind together : sun-, syn- + dein, to bind.]

syn·det′i·cal·ly adv.


(sɪnˈdɛtɪk) or


(Grammar) denoting a grammatical construction in which two clauses are connected by a conjunction. Compare asyndetic2
[C17: from Greek sundetikos, from sundetos bound together; see syndesis]
synˈdetically adv


(sɪnˈdɛt ɪk)

also syn•det′i•cal,

1. serving to unite or connect; connective; copulative.
2. connected by a conjunction: syndetic clauses.
[1615–25; < Greek syndetikós <sýndet(os) bound together + -ikos -ic]
syn•det′i•cal•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.syndetic - connected by a conjunction
grammar - the branch of linguistics that deals with syntax and morphology (and sometimes also deals with semantics)
asyndetic - lacking conjunctions
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They did this in partnership with Telstra and QGC, with the support of eight Queensland businesses including Brisbanes Fastel Communications, RF Technologies and Syndetic.
I just don't know how to move on your word': From Signifyin(g) to Syndetic Homage in James Baldwin's Responses to William Faulkner.
21) As Denniston and Page note in their commentary, the three syndetic sentences make a case for alternating speakers (1986, 114).
Syndetic content--reviews, book jackets, and the like-- have been around for decades and helped the drab classic OPAC move effectively into the more visual web era.
In some cases content may be purchased from a vendor such as Syndetic Solutions.
LCSH has frequently been criticized for its inadequacies, particularly the haphazard nature of its syndetic structure, its many inconsistencies, and its practice of inverting some terms while using others in direct order.
that all borrowings are an extension, then the Spanish corpus would have around the double amount of syndetic coordination of a 'pure' Otomi text.
115) by both syndetic and asyndetic CQ clauses, typically marked by tense switching.
The text emphasises the mere (chronological) succession of incidents and acts by being entirely made up of nouns or noun phrases connected by syndetic particles ("and", "then").
Other unlikely words permitted included tughrik, leisler and syndetic.
com, a bibliographic cataloguing system; and Syndetic Solutions, which is an OPAC enriched platform that is widely used among academic-based libraries.
c) syndetic reduplication: vaga ja vaga 'very and very'.